12 Fall Must-Haves All '90s Kids Will Love

Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've been having a rough summer, you're probably waxing nostalgic for bygone days when there was no such thing as the 24-hour news cycle, and everything you needed to know you learned from Sassy magazine. These bygone days are called the '90s, and fall must-haves all '90s kids will love will transport you back to your comfortable cocoon where adulting was far off in the future where it belongs. From chokers to roller skates to giant overalls, the '90s was a decade of retro innocence that we're all yearning to return to. This fall, commit to going back to the past by embracing all of your favorite '90s things.

Swaddle yourself in soft flannel shirts, turn up the Nirvana, and spend your days watching Empire Records over and over again. If you really want to do the '90s right, ditch your smartphone for a pager, return to dial up, and restart your beanie-baby collection. When your friends ask what's come over you, just let them know you're going through a phase of pretending the world hasn't yet evolved into one big dumpster fire. While some people might call this denial, I call it nostalgia. Invite your besties over for some Mario Cart, and hand out silly putty as a party favor at your next get together where you'll also want to serve Burple. What else should go in your '90s survival kit? Check out these fall must-haves all '90s kids need ASAP.