12 Funny Thanksgiving Memes To Share With Friends & Family This Week

Warner Bros. Pictures; Twitter

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house not a creature was stirring… except for all of the social media enthusiasts busy scouring the internet for funny Thanksgiving memes to share in 2018. I mean, hey, you’ve got to keep yourself entertained somehow while avoiding awkward conversations with extended family members who still treat you like you’re 10, even though you’re a full-grown, fully-functioning adult, right?

Nothing brings out the meme machine quite like holidays do — particularly the holidays which tend to be centered around large gatherings and sharing meals (although it’s also worth noting that there’s nothing wrong with spending any holiday on your own if that’s what floats your proverbial boat). Accordingly, Twitter is currently awash in Thanksgiving-related comedy. From ongoing trends like that whole “Hey, Mom, how long do you microwave a 25-pound turkey for?” thing to one-offs and single shots, funny folks all over the internet have been sharing their best jokes and witticisms — all of which will probably make you and your friends, family, and loved ones snorting into your turkey or snarfing your pie.

Here are 12 highlights. Share ‘em with your favorite people this year. Yes, even the aforementioned extended family members who still treat you like you’re 10. Who knows? Maybe a pointed joke will make them laugh and finally convince them you deserve to be treated like the grown-up you are.


When That Weird Relative Comes To Thanksgiving

Consider this your regular reminder that you do not have to hug anyone you don’t want to. Not even that weird relative. Especially that weird relative.


How Long Do You Microwave A 25-Pound Turkey?

This mom is definitely the hero we need right now.


A Vegetarian Among Carnivores

GASP. (It will be fine. And if your family refuses to get over it, they're the ones making it weird, not you.)


In Praise Of The Accidental Holiday Movie

Hey Netflix, any chance there’s an Accidental Holiday Movies category in our future?


What’s Taters, Precious?



Brace Yourself

Invasive personal questions are coming.


It’s Official



Queen to knight 4. Or… something.


Style And Substance

Freddie Mercury is always the right answer.


Caught In The Act

Checks out. Source: My cat, who is currently pretending she’s not about to jump on my kitchen counter in search of food, even though she knows she’s not supposed to be up there.


Everything Is Going Exactly According To Plan

It’s all very simple (for people who celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, at least).



Happy Thanksgiving, kids. May your day be full of food and fun and loved ones. And then the judicious application of whatever your winter holiday music of choice is as soon as the calendar ticks over to Friday.