The Most Outdated 'Full House' Pop Culture Moments

by Mary Grace Garis
Warner Bros. Television

Anyone who tunes into reruns of Full House knows that the show mostly succeeds because of the nostalgia factor more than anything else. Hell, anyone who's watching Netflix's Fuller House knows it succeeds due to nostalgia factor more to everything else. But, every once in a while, Full House will show its age in a way that's thoroughly baffling. That is, like a pair of high-waisted acid washed jeans, Full House gets so outdated that its pop culture references don't hold up years later.

Now, sure enough, a casual throw-away joke here and there isn't going to derail an entire episode and confuse an entire generation. So really, I'm mostly talking about the episodes featuring guest stars at their late '80s/early '90s prime, or hinging on certain pop culture plot devices that don't really play well in these modern times. There is a lot, especially if you were part of that second fleet of Full House fans who caught the show on Nick at Nite reruns. Raise of hands? It wasn't just me, right?

Anyway, scroll down to witness some of the most wildly outdated moments, gags, and occasionally full plot lines in Full House history. If anything, you're sure to get a few confused laughs out of it.


When Kimmy And DJ Met Stacey Q

I had to fact-check if Stacey Q was an actual bonafide real-life pop star, that's how before-my-time this is.


When Phyllis Diller Upstaged Joey

Millennials remember the comedienne, if at all, for her vocal work in A Bug's Life, and even that was almost two decades ago.


When The Uncles Let The Kids Stay Up Late To Watch Tiffany

We're talking Mall Tiffany of "I Think We're Alone Now" fame. (That pops up in movies every so often, right?)


When Joey Goes On 'Star Search'

There's definitely enough 2017 equivalents of that for Joey to embarrass himself on.


When D.J. And Kimmy Taped Over A Jingle With A Cover Of 'The Loco-Motion'

Chances are they were trying to cover the Kylie Minogue version. Also, haha, "taped."


When Danny Ended Up A Replacement For Connie Chung On Career Day

Look, Connie Chung has had a long and accomplishment-filled career, and she's not throwing in the towel yet, but, if that episode was done today they probably would've picked another news anchor... or, like, someone who runs a really successful YouTube vlog.


That Entire Episode That Guest Starred Steve Urkel

I guess the Fuller House variant of this would be something like The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon?


When Joey Could've Been On That Fake Frankie Avalon And Annette Funicello Sitcom

Those beach blanket movies were at least 20 years dead in the water by that point, so I'm not sure why this was a plot. Also...


ANY Episode That Predominantly Featured The Beach Boys

Really, why was this ever a thing?


When Stephanie Couldn't Sleep After Watching 'The Wolf-Man'

Steph, it's a movie from the '40s. Try catching something like The Ring when you're younger and never getting over that psychological trauma for the rest of your life.


When Jesse Met Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

He was the celebrity referee for a charity basketball game the Full House fam was participating in, and back then he felt way too high-profile for that.


When Suzanne Somers Shared A Pay Phone With Steve

There's a sentence you'd never hear today. When's the last time you even saw a pay phone?

Ah, the '90s. Good times, good times.