These Punny Instagram Captions For National Friendship Day Are Actually Hilarious

It feels like each and every day brings about a new "holiday" dedicated to something random. While the food holidays are fun and kind of exciting (they usually mean freebies and deals!), and the holidays dedicated to pets are sweet and wonderful (think of all the pet pictures on your feed!), the ones dedicated to the people you're closest to are undoubtably the best. They give you a chance to celebrate the people that you love and often take for granted — in fact, they serve as a reminder of how lucky you are to have them. And really, we could all use that reminder sometimes! The next one to celebrate is National Friendship Day, which falls on Sunday, August 5. It's the perfect time to show the world how much your friends mean to you with, what else, an Instagram post. If you need a caption to go with it, we've got you covered with some punny National Friendship Day Instagram captions to post about your friends.

It can be nice to write long, sentimental posts about your closest friends, letting everyone know exactly how much you love them and appreciate them. Those are some of the sweetest posts on social media! But sometimes it's more fun to capture the playfulness of your friendships with a funny caption that catches the eye and makes someone smile. And what's better than puns?

Most of the below punny Instagram caption ideas are themed about food or animals, but they can still work with basically any picture that you post. Or you could make a little theme, and take a picture that has to do with the caption you want to use. Whatever you choose, know that your friends will love the thought behind your post — and that's what matters the most.


A friend is like a book: you don't need to read all of them, just pick the best ones.

This is a really cute caption idea for the friends you're closest to who love to read.


I a-peach-iate you.

Get it? Like peaches? Because it's summer time? Hehe.


This might sound cheesy... but I think you're really grate.

What group of friends doesn't enjoy getting together over a cheese plate and a few glasses of wine?


I value our friend-chip.

Or maybe you'd prefer getting together over some chips and salsa?


I would spend all nine lives with you.

This is the cutest caption for the friends who love cats just as much as you do.


We mermaid to be friends forever.

For the friends who love to be at the beach together.


You're my berry best friends.

Just a cute little way to show appreciation for all of your friends.


We're the perfect matcha.

Got that one friend who loves to drink matcha with you? Put this caption to good use!


You're a koalaty friend.

This is just too cute!


You're my purrson.

For the friends who love cats together.


Best spuds forever.


As your best friend, I'll always pick you up when you fall... after I finish laughing.

Honestly... same.