12 Ways You Rebelled In The 2000s

by Megan Grant
Buena Vista Pictures

Remember your angsty, pre-teen and teen years of the 2000s? Nobody understood you and you were a loner, and you wanted to make sure everyone knew — so you had very specific ways you rebelled in the 2000s, in case anyone was confused about where you stood in life. Your parents wanted you to be more like your sister, your teachers wanted you to try harder (because you were smart but "just didn't apply yourself"), and your crush had a thing for your BFF. So what did you do? You rebelled.

Instead of having blonde hair like all the other girls, you went with the most obnoxious shade of electric blue you could find. Instead of channeling Britney Spears with your wardrobe, you embodied Daria. You refused to eat meat and stayed up all night and read a ton of Sylvia Plath, all so everyone knew: You were different. You weren't like other girls. If life was like 10 Things I Hate About You, you were Kat, not Bianca.

And just to really drive the point home — because you wanted everyone to know that no one's the boss of you and you make your own rules — you very likely rebelled by doing this 12 things.


Posting Cryptic Quotes And Lyrics On Your MySpace Page

Or sometimes it'd be something really passive-aggressive, like: annoyed >:(


Wearing Extra Heavy Eyeliner Like Avril Lavigne

You didn't even care if it was smudged, because you were dark and misunderstood.


Using Slang And Cuss Words Your Parents Hated

Mom: "Heavens! Your great grandmother would roll over in her grave!"

You: "Fo sheezy!"


Dressing Like Amy Lee From Evanescence

You made combat boots and fluffy skirts look so dope.


Rolling The Waistband Of Your Skirt One Too Many Times

"Why no, Principal Smith. I didn't hear about any dress code."


Eating Stuff From Jessica Simpson's Dessert Line Even Though That Wasn't Really What It Was For

I think Jessica meant you could take a little nibble, not drink the entire bottle.


Listening To The 'Garden State' Soundtrack On Repeat

IDK. It's just... so you.


Glueing Rhinestones All Over Your Razr When Your Parents Specifically Told You Not To Because Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Your parents spent their hard-earned money on you and you did this?


Ignoring People When They IMed You

And then getting mad when they stopped trying to talk to you.


Blasting "You Oughta Know" From Your CD Player Well Past Bedtime

Just in case your parents didn't already know you were confused and angry inside.


Being The Person Not To Continue A Threatening Chain Email

And now a girl with no eyes and black hair is going to appear at the foot of ALL YOUR BEDS TONIGHT!!!!!!!


Leaving A Few Drops Of Surge Left In The Bottle

Just because you loved hearing your little bro whine, "That's all you left? What am I supposed to do with this?!"