12 'Westworld' Characters Who'd Kill It On 'Game Of Thrones'

There's a lot of crossover between the fandoms of Westworld and Game Of Thrones, and not just because they air on the same network. Given that they're both sprawling genre shows with lavish production values and high levels of sex and violence, it's understandable that the two complimentary dramas draw a lot of the same crowd, evidenced by everything from Westworld/Game Of Thrones memes to actual Game Of Thrones references on Westworld itself.

With rumblings of a Game Of Thrones and Westworld crossover, stoked by GoT author George R.R. Martin himself, fans of both shows are likely imagining which Westworld characters would kill it on Game Of Thrones… and which wouldn't. The latter group is easier to discern than the former; for example, poor Teddy Flood would never make it in Westeros. Given how many times he died in Season 1 of Westworld, he'd undoubtedly be beheaded before his first episode of GoT was over. Sniveling Lee Sizemore would be a minor villain at best, easily disposed of by GoT's heroes. If Theresa Cullen couldn't hack it at Delos, she wouldn't last a day in King's Landing. And naïve Felix and panicky Sylvester would never stand a chance.

On the other hand, these 12 Westworld characters might feel very much at home in the cutthroat world of Game Of Thrones:

1. Armistice

John P. Johnson/HBO

This accented, violence-loving bandit would fit right in with the lawless Wildlings of Westeros, just as happy to fight for herself as she is to fight for good — as long as she gets to fight. (Considering her reaction to using a machine gun for the first time, we should hope she never gets her hands on a jar of wildfire…)

2. Ashley Stubbs

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When security chief Stubbs expressed his profound distrust for all artificial intelligence, he immediately proved himself to be one of the most sensible characters on all of Westworld. That paranoia would serve him well in Westeros, where everyone is constantly backstabbing and betraying each other.

3. Bernard Lowe

John P. Johnson/HBO

Any lord or lady of Westeros would be lucky to have this sage and soft-spoken programmer as their maester, one who grapples with the mysteries of life while providing advice for troubled minds. (Although the theories about his true origins, leading to an expected but satisfying reveal, also bring to mind another Game Of Thrones character entirely.)

4. Charlotte Hale

John P. Johnson/HBO

A savvy manipulator who's not afraid to flaunt her sexuality or her femininity in her quest for ultimate power, there's a good chance that Charlotte and Cersei would be very good friends — when they weren't maneuvering behind each other's backs to win the game of thrones.

5. Clementine Pennyfeather

John P. Johnson/HBO

In the world of Game Of Thrones, Clementine would start her story at Littlefinger's brothel just like she started her Westworld journey at the Mariposa. But unlike Ros, who defied Littlefinger to her doom, Clem's invincibility would allow her to lead an uprising against her former masters while we cheered her on.

6. Dolores Abernathy

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Dolores has graduated from innocent farm girl to possible villain, taking aim at the people who wronged her in the process. Sound familiar? Arya has also graduated from wide-eyed young lady to cold-blooded assassin, taking aim at the people who wronged her in the process. These two characters would have a lot to talk about while they subverted expectations of "damsels in distress."

7. Elsie Hughes

John P. Johnson/HBO

OK, Elsie admittedly seems like an odd choice, considering that she remained missing offscreen — and possibly even dead — since about halfway through Season 1 of Westworld. But before she went AWOL, Elsie was a much-needed source of comedic relief on her show, so it would be great to see her resurface on Game Of Thrones, which is often surprisingly funny. I'd love to put her and Tyrion in a room together and watch them trade one-liners.

8. Hector Escaton

John P. Johnson/HBO

An amoral but likable outlaw who becomes a surprising ally to one of his show's protagonists? Hector and Bronn could bond by swapping war stories while simultaneously fending off a small army of enemies. Let's just hope they don't turn on each other, because Hector's shotgun might just outmatch Bronn's sword.

9. Logan

John P. Johnson/HBO

Ugh. As much as I hate to admit it, smarmy Logan would probably do pretty well in Westeros. The history of that continent has been kind to self-serving, unscrupulous men like him. Logan may not be quite as depraved as Ramsay (then again, who is?), but he would still excel at being that villain we all love to hate — you know, the one whose long-awaited comeuppance we all cheer when he finally gets what he deserves.

10. Maeve Millay

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It took Daenerys Targaryen six seasons to amass her army and make her move against her enemies. It took Maeve only one season to do the same… and she had to do it while grappling with the shocking revelation that she wasn't even human! The female characters on Game Of Thrones have really risen to the top this past year, but Maeve would undoubtedly give them all a run for their money.

11. Robert Ford

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Game Of Thrones loves its morally murky men who land on a sliding scale of villainy, from Stannis Baratheon (who had noble goals but burned his own daughter alive to achieve them) to Tywin Lannister (who committed atrocities in order to bring a war to a swifter end). It's easy to imagine Dr. Ford — who murdered real, live humans in his quest to free his own artificial creations — hatching plots and adopting dubious methods over in Westeros, too.

12. William

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Of course, every story needs a good villain; that's a fact that William knew, and a role he was more than happy to play in Westworld. And with the Season 6 deaths of the High Sparrow, Walder Frey, Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton, Balon Greyjoy, and Alliser Thorne, Game Of Thrones unexpectedly finds itself in need of some fresh villainy. I'm sure William would accept the job with enthusiasm. (Also, isn't it satisfying to finally be able to call the Man In Black by his real name?)

That Game Of Thrones / Westworld crossover may never come to fruition — but at least it's not difficult for fans to imagine what such an epic event would look like.