Only 'Westworld' Fans Will Understand These Memes

John P. Johnson/HBO

Just when it felt like the world of television couldn't possibly get any bigger or better, along comes 2016 and shocks us all with the terrific debuts of shows like The People v. O.J. Simpson, Stranger Things, This Is Us, Atlanta, The Crown, Insecure, and Westworld. That new HBO drama in particular, a potent blend of science-fiction and classic Westerns with some Lost-esque puzzles thrown in for good measure, captured the public imagination this fall, earning even more Season 1 viewers than Game Of Thrones did in its own freshman year. But ultimately, those 12 million audience members are but a fraction of the 300+ million people living in our country today, so of course there are certain things that only Westworld fans will understand.

The Westworld fandom is an intense one, with fellow viewers bandying theories, making predictions, and trying to one-up each other in the endless quest to find all the Easter eggs hidden away in the frames of the show. If your fall was filled with constant rumblings of "mazes," "hosts," and "reveries," then chances are good that there's at least one devoted Westworld fan in your life. Heck, you may even be one yourself! If so, here are 11 memes us fans can get a chuckle over… even if they don't look like anything to the rest of the world.

1. This Westworld / Game Of Thrones Combo Platter

This cartoon should tickle every Westworld fan's funnybone — at the same time as it's sticking a dagger into every Game Of Thrones fan's heart.

2. Conspiracy Theories Abound

At a certain point, it felt like there were so many Westworld theories floating around out there that it was hard for even the most devoted fan to keep them all straight. (I hear tin foil hats help with that.)

3. Dolores' Epic Emotional Journey

Dolores Abernathy, the host played by Evan Rachel Wood, undoubtedly had one of the biggest emotional arcs of Season 1, as she progressed from "Obedient Damsel" to "Savage AF." Her progression is a pretty easy way to track your own emotional state on any given day.

4. Keeping Up With The Hottest Trends

Westworld may take place in the future, but whenever someone told a host to "freeze all motor functions," the show was very much in tune with one of 2016's most popular (and ridiculous) trends.

5. The Agony And The Ecstasy

The Westworld soundtrack is just so good that fans may very well find themselves having trouble deciding which awesome old time-y piano cover of a popular pop song to play next.

6. My Architect The Car

(Spoiler alert!) It appears that Anthony Hopkins' character Dr. Ford died during the Season 1 finale, but maybe he really did fake his death and that was just part of his Ford Escape Plan. (See what I did there?)

7. It Never Gets Old

Poor, poor Teddy. The lovestruck host played by James Marsden died so many times throughout Season 1 of Westworld, I lost count.

8. *Sad Face*

Apparently one day in Westworld will run you about $40,000 per day, which means even just 10 minutes will earn you a bill of about $280. You should probably just stick to your Cabo plans. (Less chance of getting caught in the crossfires of a robot revolution, too.)

9. Every Westworld Fan Ever

There were times when Westworld drove fans so crazy with the mysteries and multiple timelines and who's-a-host shenanigans that we all probably felt a little bit like Carrie in Homeland, ugly-crying included.

10. Hey, Siri

Now this is scary. Apparently even Siri is a Westworld fan, since she answered this question with the perfect reference. How long until she becomes self-aware and starts amassing her android army?

11. The Existential Angst

"What if I am a host? What if we're all hosts?? What if we've been living inside a giant futuristic theme park this whole time???" *mind explodes*

Us Westworld fans may have to wait until 2018 for more episodes… but at least Season 1 gave us plenty to chew on in the meantime.