13 Absurd 'The Mummy' Moments From The Original

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The new Tom Cruise-led version of The Mummy is, without a doubt, an insane film. The reboot features loads of ridiculous scenes, but how does it compare to the sheer number of absurd moments in the original Mummy movie? The new film features a wild airplane crash, a plot point-sharing dead character that's cribbed straight out of An American Werewolf in London, and the most on the nose ending line in the history of cinema — "It takes a monster to defeat a monster" — all of which make for a delightfully absurd picture. And although it's tempting to declare this new film to be the craziest Mummy movie ever, I wouldn't count out the 1999 version just yet.

The '90s Mummy, which of course stars Brendan Fraser as adventurer Rick O'Connell, is the type of movie that just isn't made any more. The goofy one-liners, the hammy acting, the fact that it's an action film starring Brendan Fraser... the film is very much a product of its time, and as such, is overflowing with crazy moments that will make you do a double take even today. So in remembrance of this bona fide classic of yesteryear, I present to you the 13 most absurd moments from the original incarnation of The Mummy.

When Anck Su Namun Reveals Her Outfit

I get that it's hot in Egypt, but come on, that is not a practical way to dress.

When Rick Screams At The Mummy

The mummy screams at Rick, and Rick screams back. Makes sense.

When Imhotep Is Scared Off By A Cat

He's a 3000-year-old monster with crazy powers, but sure, a house pet scares him.

When Imhotep's Mouth Won't Stop Opening

Seriously, it just keeps growing.

When Rick Survives Being Hanged
When Evie Is Impossibly Clumsy

She's supposed to be a scholar and a librarian, yet she destroys her library because she doesn't know how to put a book on a shelf. Solid career choice.

When Everyone's Cool With Sexual Assault

"This sketchy random prisoner just kissed me against my will, I think I'll free him." - Evie.

When Jonathan Pretends To Be A Zombie To Blend In

Why does this move always work in movies? Are zombies really that stupid?

When Rick Shoots A Mirror That Magically Lights Up The Entire Room

How did he know that would happen?

When The Ending Is Beyond Cheesy

I mean, you knew they'd go there with the cliché romantic ending, but still.

When Rick Falls Swinging A Sword

Just what you want in an adventurer: Slapstick comedy.

When Beni Has A Necklace With Every Religious Symbol On It

Because that's a thing people wear.

When Rick Throws A Chair At Beni

Not going to lie, this is also the best scene in the film — maybe in any film.