13 Awkward Sex Stories That'll Put Your Most Embarrassing Moment To Shame

Ashley Batz/Bustle

There can be plenty of awkward moments during sex. In a way, that's what's so great about sex. Sure it can feel very serious and in the moment, but things go wrong all the time. Somebody slips or farts or makes a weird noise — and you learn to just laugh it up. I've straight up fallen off of the bed and managed to accidentally knee my partner in some very painful places, but we just ended up in fits of laughter. That's the real intimacy of the situation.

But sometimes, the awkwardness is just beyond. And that's exactly what this AskReddit thread shows. People opened up with their most awkward sexual stories and, guys, it's way worse than I thought it could ever be. I thought that the worst that would happen is that someone would walk in on you or you'd call someone the wrong name. These stories are so, so much worse. We've got poop, we've got vomit, and we've got dogs making appearances in places you would never want to see dogs. It may make you breathe a huge sigh of relief, because there's a good chance that your awkward moments will have nothing on these.

Want to see how uncomfortable things can get? Here were the most awkward of the stories: