13 Best "Mom In 5 Words" Tweets To Use As Inspiration For Your Mother's Day Card


There are many ways you might try to describe your mom. Twitter users put this thought into action and the trending hashtag #MomIn5Words was born. As if Twitter doesn't limit you enough with 140 characters, this time users had to narrow it down to five words representing how they view their mom.

A true sincerity, that is not often seen on Twitter, came out. Responses ranged from admiration to joking about thoughtful ways their moms take care of them. Each took the time to acknowledge the work and care mothers exhibit.

The celebration of mothers can be traced back to Ancient Greece. The Greeks held an annual spring time festival honoring the mythological maternal goddesses. Rhea, the Titan daughter of the earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus, was recognized as the mother of the Olympian goddesses and gods. While today, this holiday has become much more commercialized, the idea of taking the time to honor the mom in your life, who might as well be a goddess for the stuff she's pulled off, remains.

As you think of the best way to send love to your mom this Mother's Day, read on for some of the best tweets describing #MomIn5Words.

1. She's Someone You Can't Repay

Izaya__ on Twitter

2. She's The Strongest Person You Know

Faith on Twitter

3. This Has Happened To All Of Us

Christi Pedigo on Twitter

4. She Fights For You

eve on Twitter

5. Lebron's Got Nothing On Her

Five-Star Basketball on Twitter

6. A Forever Kind Of Love

Kristina on Twitter

7. Backwards Or Forwards, She's The Best

Dammit Erin on Twitter

8. You Better Say Yes

Cheryl Zaidan on Twitter

9. She's Strong At The Hardest Times

Ian Wilson on Twitter

10. She's The Light Of Your World

Andrew Heidorn on Twitter

11. She Feels What We All Feel

John Carroll on Twitter

12. But Really, She's The Best

Michael palughi on Twitter

13. She's Your Own Personal Superhero

Rob Carlo on Twitter

This Mother's Day, take the opportunity to remind your mom how much she means to you in five words or maybe even more.