These DCOM Actors Were Your Childhood Crushes

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If you grew up watching Disney, then there’s no need for me to explain the importance of Disney Channel Original Movies. DCOMs were an essential part of your tween experience, but let’s all just admit that, sometimes, our favorite thing about watching the films was drooling over the actors. A lot of our favorite DCOM mainstays have either gone on to become even bigger names in the entertainment industry or have taken a much needed break from the spotlight altogether. But no matter where they are now, there are at least 13 DCOM actors you definitely had a crush on back in the day.

Sure, many Disney Channel Original Movie actors in the most recent decade have been easy on the eyes on top of being super talented. But there’s something about the Disney actors of the pre-High School Musical era that speaks to the teenage girl in all of us. We’re all likely still fawning over these stars today, most of whom have left their Disney days behind to take on roles that are a bit more mature. Some may have switched career paths completely, while those remaining have simply faded into obscurity.

So, in case you need some help jogging your memory, here they are.

Erik von Detten
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If you ever found yourself wanting to start your own inline skating crew as a kid, you can blame the movie Brink and the adorable blonde-haired, blue-eyed hunk at the film’s forefront.

Lee Thompson Young
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He first stole our hearts as Jett Jackson, but how about his role as Sam Sterling, aka Johnny Kapahala’s hot new BFF in Johnny Tsunami? Swoon.

Ryan Merriman
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If you never fangirled over Ryan Merriman as a precious half-human, half-leprechaun in The Luck of the Irish, did you actually watch The Luck of the Irish?

Brandon Baker
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Speaking of Johnny Tsunami, let’s not forget about the Hawaiian surfer-turned-snowboarder himself.

Kyle Schmid
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He may have first swept you off your feet with his impressive bars as Derek in The Cheetah Girls, but, before that, he was ⅕ of a high school bowling club in Alley Cats Strike. Talk about being multi-talented.

Shia LaBeouf
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You loved watching as he caused all sorts of mischief as Louis Stevens on Even Stevens and in The Even Stevens Movie. It definitely wasn’t a shock that he grew up to be a total dream boat.

A.J. Trauth
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And then there was Louis Stevens’ slightly less wacky best friend Alan Twitty, who later went on to wish away his pesky younger brother in You Wish!. His hair deserved a DCOM of its own, to be honest.

Tahj Mowry

From Smart Guy to the last person you’d ever ask to be a dogsitter, Tahj Mowry provided more proof that good genes run in the Mowry family.

Taran Killam
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To be honest, he didn’t even have to play a super famous pop star on Stuck in the Suburbs to inspire the fangirl in all of us.

Raviv Ullman
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He may not go by his stage name, Ricky Ullman, anymore but he’s still just as dreamy as he was in Pixel Perfect.

11-13. The Lawrence Brothers
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Good things always come in threes — case in point, the Lawrence brothers, who acted in multiple DCOMs such as Horse Sense and Jumping Ship.

Anyone who tells you that they didn't have a crush on one or all of these guys is totally lying.