People Are Tweeting The Hilarious Reason They Didn’t Make The Olympics & It’s So Relatable

Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Personally, I didn't make it to the 2018 Winter Olympics because I'm one of the only people from my high school who actually failed gym class. You probably didn't think it was possible, right? Nah, I'm living proof: It is. That in mind, honestly, I probably would have died within one second trying to be an Olympic athlete, so it's probably best that I stay away from that life aspiration for, you know, as long as I live. With the Winter Games in full swing over in PyeongChang, South Korea, I'm not the only one considering why they're not one of the athletes at the 2018 Olympics: Trending on Twitter right now is a hilarious collection of hashtagged #DidntMakeItToTheOlympicsBecause tweets that are basically excuses as to why the tweeter isn't at the Olympics this year. I mean, we can't all be Olympic athletes — that's why the talent we see at the games is so incredible, because it's rare talent — so we all might as well remain conscious of what prevents us from being one. For me, it's having figured out a way to fail gym class, and for another, it's because there's no Olympic sport for excelling at sarcasm.

And whether or not the Olympics are within the realm of possibility for you in your lifetime, I think we can all agree that we could use a laugh right now. There's nothing like internet ridiculousness like a Twitter round up to distract us from the grim realities of the world we live in. So let's for a moment laugh at the creative and witty people on Twitter, who have come up with the best excuses for not becoming Chloe Kims or Lindsey Vonns.

1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost

It all depends how far you're able to wander, really. To be honest, this is one of the best emo excuses.

2. Your English Teacher Would Be Proud

I'm kind of surprised there aren't reading competitions for adults. You know, like the SATs but with medals and prize money instead of more test scores to continue on schooling?

3. Wait, Really?

I'm pretty sure that sarcasm is a a recognized event... did you check the program?

4. Be Humble

When you're an all-around winner, you might want to give someone else a chance at the gold. It can get tiring to be number — it's lonely on top. Be humble, step down.

5. Millennial Sports

If this were a sport, our entire generation would win at it. It would be the most competitive sport in all the games.

6. Because Puns

As someone who literally could not run a mile in gym class, I relate to this very much.

7. Quidditch 2020

How Harry Potter fans haven't created their own fantasy-themed Olympic games is honestly beyond me.

8. Too Cold

I just read a story about how Olympians' make-up is freezing to their faces in PyeongChang, South Korea because of the insane temperatures during the 2018 Winter Games. If the cold bothers you, the Winter Olympics aren't going to be for you.

9. Depends How Far You Jump

OK, come on, we're all guilty of this.

10. #Same

When you're not an athlete, it's hard to understand how they manage to run multiple miles when you get tired just driving them.

11. The Clumsy Games

Honestly though, why is it so hard to go a day without dropping your phone?

12. Womp Womp

Some people go downhill on purpose. Others just find themselves falling. Who's to stay which scenario is more impressive?!

13. The Resting Olympian Face

Olympians have been caught making some pretty funny faces on live feeds during Olympic Games. But in their defense, when they're being filmed from every angle imaginable while exerting themselves physically — not to mention, they're going through an intense emotional experience — they're bound to make a few faces that aren't meant for mom's fridge!