13 Funny Not My Presidents Day Protest Sign Ideas

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This year, Presidents Day may feel a little more symbolic for many Americans than it ever has before. Since Trump was sworn into office, protests have happened all over country, with numbers that haven't been seen since the 1960's. The saying "Not My President" entered mainstream conversation right after Trump was elected. But it is only now that it's place in the realm of protests has revealed itself. The renaming of Presidents Day to Not My Presidents Day is being spread on social media, too.

The steady momentum towards fighting the Trump administration is unsurprising considering that, according to CBS News at 40 percent, Trump's approval rating is 21 points lower than the average for new presidents at the one-month mark. This means that a majority of American's disapprove of the Trump presidency thus far.

If you are a part of the 60 percent majority that feels this way, you might be planning to join the Presidents Day protests. If you want to take a funny approach on your sign about the serious issues you are passionate about, read on for some Not My Presidents Day inspiration:


Seriously, Let's Eat Sushi Together At Our Equally Paying Job

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They Just Want To Be Free

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If You Take Off The Holiday To Protest


Don't Get Too Close

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Not A Sign But It Should Be


Don't Do Both


Finally This Saying Has Purpose


Rizzo Was Not Here For Misogyny

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Are We Sure We're Not Being Filmed?


Trump As Jabba Is Genius

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The Less Walls The Better


We Have To Channel Our Anger Somehow


Speaking The Truth

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With a dash of humor and a bucket of fight our rights stand a chance. Together, we will continue to work towards equality for all.