13 Halloween Movies You Adored As A Kid That You Still Obsess Over Now

Halloween is one of the best holidays at any age, but there's nothing quite like celebrating it as a kid. Every aspect of it, from dressing up to carving pumpkins to decorating your house with fake spiderwebs that ended up lasting through Easter, was exciting. Of course, there was the candy, and the trick-or-treating, and — the list could go on forever. It is necessary to discuss the movies though, because so many of them were seriously amazing. These 13 Halloween movies that you adored as a kid are total worth re-watching, even as an adult.

One of the best things about Halloween movies for kids is that they're not scary at all. When you think about this, it's pretty ironic, since being an adult is terrifying and it's really when people need the non-scary Halloween movies the most. The great thing is, you can always go back and re-watch some of the classics from your youth, and it will be doubly fun because not only will you be entertained as if you're a kid, but you will actually be reminded of your own childhood when you were less aware of the actual horrifying nature of "real life." Go ahead and revisit your favorite childhood movies like a ghost haunting its past, because you deserve it.


'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'

If you ask anyone about a childhood Halloween movie, this one will probably come to mind immediately. It's practically a rite of passage to watch it.


'Hocus Pocus'

There's a reason that this film has endured the test of time. 24 years after the 1993 film came out, it's been announced that a Hocus Pocus remake is now in the works.



This DCOM (ahem, that's Disney Channel Original Movie) was a staple of most '90s kids' Halloweens. The world is so lucky that Debbie Reynolds agreed to be in it, too, because she's perfect in Halloweentown.



As a kid, you were able to look past the fact that it was a little strange that there were erotic undertones to a movie about a ghost, and as an adult... Well, people still watch Ghost, so maybe it doesn't matter.


'The Haunted Mansion'

This movie is a little creepier than the others, which made it the perfect first-actually-scary-movie for kids.


'The Addams Family'

Some of the best characters ever are in the Addams family, and it was the best childhood example of how being a weirdo is actually awesome.


'Tower Of Terror'

Kirsten Dunst slays in her pink dress as the niece of a journalist played by Steve Guttenberg. Yep, doesn't get much more '90s than that.


'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

This movie literally is Halloween, and no October would be complete without at least three viewings of it.


'Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire'

This is another Disney Channel Original Movie that forever made children wary of their mothers' dates.


'The Witches'

Anjelica Huston stars in this 1990 adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl tale.



As a kid, this movie probably actually freaked you out, but as an adult it might make you cry because it is just so beautiful.


'Double, Double, Toil And Trouble'

When someone says "childhood," the list of things you associate with that word probably includes the Olsen twins. Of course you watched their Halloween movie.



Saturday mornings were likely spent watching Scooby-Doo the cartoon, but the live-action film from 2002 made for the perfect Halloween movie to watch during a sleepover.

Halloween was truly the best during childhood, and each of these movies was a big part of that.