13 Coloring Books Inspired By Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Shakespeare & More

Sure, reading (or re-reading) your favorite book is wonderful, and seeing it come to life on the big and small screen is just fantastic, but have you every tried coloring the stories you are obsessed with? If you are looking for a fun new way to interact with your most beloved narratives and the characters in them, then it is about time you picked up one of these literary coloring books all bibliophiles will love.

Over the past few years, the popularity of coloring books for adults has skyrocketed, thanks in part to the fact they are actually really good for your mental health. Just browse any bookstore and you will find one on every subject. There are, of course, dozens and dozens of coloring books with soothing geometric patters and calming nature scenes that are meant to help users ease their anxiety, but there are also specialized coloring books about everything under the sun, including movies and pop culture, sex, bodies, and human anatomy, feminism and female empowerment, and, much to the delight of book-lovers everywhere, literature.

Whether you're into William Shakespeare's classic plays, Edgar Allan Poe's chilling poetry, Jane Austen's hunky heroes, or something else entirely, these 13 literary coloring books are sure to tickle your literary fancy.

'Romeo and Juliet: A Coloring Classic' by William Shakespeare, illustrated by Bethan Janine and Renia Metallinou

Make sure you have plenty of shades of red when you pick up this coloring book version of the Bard's famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Featuring the most iconic scenes, this is the perfect addition to any Shakespeare-lover's library.

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'American Gods: The Official Coloring Book' by Neil Gaiman

If reading the book and watching the television adaptation of it doesn't allow you to properly express your love for this beloved Neil Gaiman story enough, then perhaps coloring in the scenes from American Gods will. Featuring 46 gorgeous illustrations of the people, places, artifacts, and, of course, gods from the beloved universe, this is a great gift for the Gaiman-obsessed in your life. Or, you know, yourself.

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'You Are Here: An Owner's Manual for Dangerous Minds' by Jenny Lawson

A lot of coloring books on this list are based on previous works of literature, but Jenny Lawson's You Are Here is a true original. Featuring plenty of humor, therapy, coloring, and advice, this interactive book subtitled "An Owner's Manual for Dangerous Minds" will help you have fun and feel a whole lot better about your life and the dumpster fire that is the world around you right now.

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'Color Me Jane: A Jane Austen Adult Coloring Book' by Jacqui Oakley

For the artist who likes to show off her work, Color Me Jane offers not only page after coloring page of romantic scenes, but eight pullout and frameable coloring posters.

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'Grimms' Nightmares from the Otherworld: Adult Coloring Book' by Julia Rivers and Storytroll

You won't find any Disney princesses in this dark and devious coloring book based on original fairy tales from the Grimm brothers. Featuring spine-tingling depictions of Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Maleficent, and much more, Grimms' Nightmares from the Otherworld is not for the faint of heart.

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'Edgar Allan Poe: An Adult Coloring Book' by Odessa Begay

The ultimate coloring book for emo readers, Edgar Allan Poe: An Adult Coloring Book includes scenes from all of the poet's classic works, including The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, The Oblong Box, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher and more. Just grab your black and red crayons, and in no time, you can bring these creepy stories to life.

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'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Magical Creatures Coloring Book' by HarperCollins

There are several Harry Potter-themed coloring books on the market, but none are as fantastic as this one that lets fans bring mythical beasts to life on the page with the magic of crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Starring everyone, and everything, from the Niffler to the Swooping Evil, this is the ultimate collection of literature's most imaginative creatures.

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'Dot to Hot' by BuzzPop

Are you still waiting for Mr. Right to come and sweep you off of you feet? Maybe it's time to draw him instead. Featuring literary heartthrobs like Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham from Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, Marius from Les Misérables, Romeo from Romeo and Juliet, and more, Dot to Hot is a fun connect-the-dots coloring book that will help you create your dream man — on paper, at least.

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'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Coloring Book' by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by John Tenniel

If there was every a literary classic destined to become a coloring book, it's Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Between the magical characters, fantastical creatures, and imaginative setting, it is as if the story was made just for you and your set of colored pencils.

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'A Bestiary of Tolkien: A Coloring Book' by Mauro Mazzara and Andrea Piparo

Nowadays, there are a lot of different ways to feel like you're living in J.R.R. Tolkien's world, including three The Lord of the Rings films and three Hobbit films, but none are as fun as this fantasy-laden coloring book. Grab your favorite set of crayons or markers, and watch as dragons, hobbits, elves, and more become beautiful creatures before your very eyes.

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'The Beatrix Potter Coloring Book' by Beatrix Potter

Sharpen your light blue colored pencil, because you'll need it when coloring the pages of this Beatrix Potter-themed coloring book. Starring all of your favorite characters, including Peter Rabbit, this charming volume will make you feel like a kid all over again.

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'Color the Classics: Anne of Green Gables' by Jae-Eun Lee

Sure, you've read the classic novel, and yes, you've seen the new Netflix series Anne with an E, but have you every tried coloring your favorite children's book? Now is your chance.

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'Terry Pratchett's Discworld Coloring Book' by Terry Pratchett, illustrated by Paul Kidby

If the 41 novels that make up Terry Pratchett's famous Discworld series just isn't enough for you, add one more to the collection, and make it an interactive one. Featuring everyone from Granny Weatherwax and Sam Vimes to Archchancellor Ridcully and Death himself, this coloring book is a must-have for fans of the beloved science fiction novels.

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