13 Literary Events Every Book-Lovers Needs To Attend In Their Lifetime

When you're a true book-lover like me, there is no end to your literary obsessions, which go far beyond joining book clubs, taking frequent trips to the library, collecting more books than you could ever read in one lifetime. In fact, the only thing bigger than your TBR pile is your bookish buckets list, which includes author-inspired vacations, Harry Potter-themed sight seeing, and these literary events every book-lover wants to go to.

A lot of people think of readers as solitary people who prefer to stay in the house alone with a good book than go out into the real world and interact. While it may be true that most of the time bibliophiles do prefer a Friday night in with a thriller and a bottle of wine rather than human interaction and putting pants on, we also appreciate any kind of gathering that involves books, authors, and other literary-lovers. If there's a book conference in Europe, count us in. An author panel on the west coast? Our bags are packed. A Harry Potter festival anywhere at all? We'll be there, wizard robes and all, because there's no limit to our love for books.

At least, not in our dreams.

From book festivals by the beach to author forums in the hill side, these are the 13 coolest literary events all book-lovers should add to their bucket list.