These Tweets & Memes About Low Maintenance Friendship Are Total BFF Goals

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

Y'all life is full of so many things that you have no choice about. Traffic. Queuing. Family drama. Catching a bug. Where was your consent in this? Why is this happening to you? So things that you can make choose are absolutely joyful — or at least they should be. Friends are the family you choose and let's be real, some are slightly more trying than others. So this is why you have to big up and give love to those priceless low maintenance friends because friendship should be easy. And the best low maintenance friends memes are too true.

True friends are the ones you don't have to see or speak to every minute of the day to validate your relationship. Because yes, you might well be bloomin obsessed with your BFF but when a friendship ends up as much work as a romantic relationship, all you want to do is hit the eject button and scream "thank u, next".

SO y'all need to value those precious mates that are your ride or dies. The ones you can call or not call at all. The ones who you know you can discuss super weird stuff with and it isn't a thing. And above all, the ones you can say "nah not bothered about going out" to, with zero drama involved.

Sometimes in life you find yourself in need of some hardcore isolation and the last thing you want is heaps of people annoying you about it. Shout out to those pals who are all "meh do your thing"

Let's be real, friends are vital but so is finding the balance between actual hang time and alone time.

And y'all know that the perfect friendship is the one that causes no problems.

Who has the actual time to be on the phone 24/7?

And like, with the best low maintenance pals, it doesn't need to be some big huge expensive event or trip to the club. It can literally be doing the couch potato together.

True ride or dies are there for you when you actually need them.

And those who are super understanding about your need to do nothing with your free time.

You 100 percent do not want to be made feel like not being in touch 24/7 could lead to you being scolded like a naughty little kid.

Sharing guilty pleasures and haute cuisine makes for serious LOLs.

The sweet joy of doing absolutely nothing is low key the dream situation for any well versed omnivert.

Real talk just because you don't actually hang out more doesn't mean you don't want to per se.

No matter what need you have, what mood you're in, what sort of day you want to have—true friends should know to respect your needs and the fact that life happens. And hey, that's a two way street, people.

While you are both busy living your life, you may not have time to pick up the phone. But with real friends, the fact is you know you can if you need to.