Missing The Olympics Already? Watch These 13 Movies Right Now

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There's nothing quite like the Winter Olympics. For two whole weeks, people all over the world lose their minds watching sporting events on television. It's a phenomenon unmatched, save for, of course, the Summer Olympics. Now that it's over and the Olympic ski ramps and ice rinks are being melted down, it's normal to feel a sense of sadness. And what better way to turn that frown upside down than with a movie? These 13 movies to watch if you're missing the Olympics won't bring back the feeling of seeing Mirai Nagasu become the first American woman to nail the triple axle on the Olympic ice, but damn it if they don't come close.

Team U.S.A. did us proud at the Winter Olympics, whether in the form of amazing interviews (i.e. Adam Rippon, American hero) or record-breaking Gold medal wins (i.e. Twitter icon and breakfast enthusiast Chloe Kim). And now it's time for you to do them proud by keeping the Winter Olympics in your heart and mind. Preferably from the comfort of your own home, doing all the couch lounging they can't and eating all the junk food they weren't allowed during competitions. And you can do that while watching the 13 movies below.

'Cool Runnings'

Arguably the most iconic Winter Olympics movie out there, Cool Runnings tells the story of the first Jamaican Bobsled Team ever to compete. It's funny, inspiring, and is definitely the reason some of your favorite bobsleders entered the sport.

'I, Tonya'

I, Tonya isn't a traditional skating movie, as it's much more about a woman than it is about her skating career. That said, it tracks the journey of Tonya Harding, the first U.S. woman to complete the triple axle in competition, setting the stage for the 2018 Olympic breakout, Mirai Nagasu. (It's also nominated for Oscars, so, it's a good one to catch up on.)

'Eddie The Eagle'

Have you ever caught yourself watching a random Winter Olympics sport and thinking, "I can totally do that." That is the basis for Eddie the Eagle, which tells the true story of Eddie Edwards, a complete amateur who decided to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Hey, not everyone can be Shaun White.

'The Cutting Edge'

A classic ice skating movie, The Cutting Edge is about a figure skater forced to pair up with an ice hockey player to compete as a team. Naturally, opposites clash and then attract in this absolute must-see gem of a film. (This is an especially good watch for all the Tessa Virtue and Scott Moire shippers.)


A true story of Winter Olympic triumph, Miracle is based on the 1980 ice hockey showdown between Russia and the U.S. It's a pretty standard inspirational sports film that is, sadly, all too relevant given the current tensions between the two countries involved.

'Downhill Racer'

Robert Redford stars in Downhill Racer, a drama about a man, Chappellet, desperate to make a name for himself as a skier at the Olympics.


Still confused as to why Russia wasn't technically allowed to compete in the Olympics? Watch Icarus, the Netflix documentary that uncovered a massive Russian doping scandal.

'The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner'

Werner Herzog's documentary on ski-jumper Walter Steiner is full of slow-motion images of ski-jumps. It also explores what Olympic athletes do once the glory days are over — in this case, carpentry.

'To Russia With Love'

To Russia with Love takes a look back at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, when Russia's anti-LGBTQ policies threatened the safety of Olympic athletes and challenged them to speak out against their host country.


This Jesse Owens' biopic tracks Owens' rise to become one of the fastest men in America — all while dealing with impossible racism, segregation, and that little thing of having to compete at the 1936 Olympics in front of Hitler.

'Blades of Glory'

Still uncomfortable by some of the intimate routines seen during pairs skating events? You're not the only one. Blades of Glory perfectly exploits the naughty side to figure skating, and will have you laughing instead of cringing.

'Stick It'

No, gymnastics is not a Winter Olympics sport, but that doesn't make Stick It any less relevant in 2018. The gymnastics teen movie, about a group of gymnasts who buck the system and rebel against arbitrary scoring, is a fun story of how athletes can put their competitiveness aside. It's a nice reminder that, hopefully, all those Olympians don't actually hate each other.

Leslie Jones Tweets

If the movies listed above aren't enough to fulfill your Winter Olympics needs, then there's always Saturday Night Live Leslie Jones. Jones' infamous Olympic live-tweets are really the only thing you need to relive the excitement of the games. Plus, she tweeted so much, it will definitely fill the time of a movie.

Winter Olympics, you will be missed.