The Best New Fiction Books About Royalty To Enjoy This Summer

by Sadie Trombetta
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From The White Princess and Reign to The Royals and The Crown, it's no secret that people are fascinated with the world of the aristocracy, both historical and fictional. If you're one of those people who are obsessed with palace intrigue, political scandals, passionate romances, and impeccable fashion, then there are plenty of new fiction books about royalty to keep you entertained, no matter what show goes on break, gets canceled, or ends.

Whether it be about England's most notorious historical monarchs, a fictional member of a real-life regal family, or a fantastical ruler of the stories centered around kings, queens, and the royal court have captivated viewers and readers for centuries, and why shouldn't they? Brimming with royal passions, political scheming, sexy scandal, and bloody battles, both on the field and off, royal reads have everything a person needs to be completely enthralled and entertained. And while there are plenty of TV shows and movies out there that try and capture the essence of what it means to sit on the throne, real or otherwise, there are even more books that have the power to transport readers from their couches to the royal courts of the world.

If you've always dreamed about wearing a crown, here are 13 new fiction books about royalty published in the last year that will make you feel like the ruler you were always meant to be.


'Anne Boleyn, A King's Obsession' by Alison Weir

In the second of her six-book series about the Tudor Queens, bestselling author and celebrated historian Alison Weir tackles the most notorious wife of Henry VIII: Anne Bolelyn. In A King's Obsession, Weir paints a vivid picture of the life, and startling death, of the fiery young woman who changed the royal court of England forever. In-depth research and rich prose come together in this three-dimensional character study of one of the regency's most intriguing figures in a way that lets you get to know the fascinating side of Anne Boleyn the history books left out.

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'The Drowning King' by Emily Holleman

Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, 51 B.C., and find out what it was really like being one of Cleopatra's siblings in Emily Holleman's fascinating new historical fiction novel. The second in her A Fall of Egypt series, The Drowning King chronicles Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy's tumultuous battle for control over the Egyptian throne, and life and love of the sister, Arsinoe, who was caught between them. A riveting story about family, power, loyalty, and love, The Drowning King might just make you think twice about wanting to sit on the throne.

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'The Crown's Fate' by Evelyn Skye

In the highly anticipated sequel to her bestselling The Crown's Game, Evelyn Skye throws readers back into the danger, intrigue, and magic that is at the heart of her alternate Russian kingdom. A dark and fantastical novel,The Crown's Fate continues the stories of Pasha, Nikolai, and Vika as they all struggle to hold on to control in a world where revolution and magic are around every corner. The game might be over, but the war is only just beginning.

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'The Confessions of a Young Nero' by Margaret George

Historical fiction master Margaret George puts her golden touch on the story of Emperor Nero, Rome's ancient bad boy ruler. In The Confessions of Young Nero, readers are sent back in time and place to Julius Caesar's imperial dynasty where they meet the future emperor as a young boy whose life is either threatened on controlled at every turn by everyone he knows, especially by his mother. But as he gets older and his ascension grows closer, Nero begins to learn how to slither among the snakes in his empire and take power for himself, bite by bite.

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'Three Sisters, Three Queens' by Philippa Gregory

If you thought sisterhood was complicated, try adding aristocracy to the mix in Philippa Gregory's latest Tudor tale, Three Sisters, Three Queens. A richly historical fictionalized account of the lives and complicated relationships between Mary Tudor, Margaret Tudor, and Katherine of Aragon, this story of queens has everything that makes reading about royalty so addicting: murder, intrigue, romance, danger, betrayal, and so much more.

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'The Enemies of Versailles' by Sally Christie

The final book in Sally Christie's addicting The Mistresses of Versailles trilogy, The Enemies of Versailles tells the bewitching tale of Jeaneea Becu, a beautiful young French woman who works her way from the back alleys of Paris to the bed of King Louis XV. Set against a backdrop of political unrest and impending revolution, this tense and engaging novel will make you look at 18th century royalty in a whole new light.

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'Royally Matched' by Emma Chase

If you love to read about royalty but could do without the blood, guts, and glory, maybe it's time you tried a good-old-fashioned romance novel starring a member of the aristocracy. Enter Emma Chase's Royally Matched, a fun and sexy novel about a hot albeit irresponsible king-to-be who uses a reality TV dating show to find his future queen. This steamy modern-day fairy tale will leave you wishing you could find a prince or princess of your own.

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'Victoria' by Daisy Goodwin

If you loved the PBS Masterpiece drama Victoria, you will love creator and writer Daisy Goodwin's novel by the same name. Inspired by the young queen's real diaries, this alluring novel about the life and love of one of England's most celebrated monarchs brings new life to Queen Victoria, and introduces readers to the most intimate parts of the ruler they have always loved but never really knew. If the British royalty is your thing, Victoria is a must-read.

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'First of the Tudors' by Joanna Hickson

See a perspective of Tudors rarely written about — that of Jasper, son of Queen Catherine and her second husband, Owen — in Joanna Hickson's First of the Tudors. A novel that chronicles the years leading up to the War of the Roses and beyond, this captivating story will shed a new light on the long and complicated history behind England's crown.

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'The Autumn Throne' by Elizabeth Chadwick

In the astonishing conclusion of the Eleanor of Aquitaine trilogy, readers get to see their heroine take one last stand against the tyranny of her husband, King Henry II. The Autumn Throne once again breathes life into some of history's most intriguing characters and weaves a wonderful story of love, loyalty, power, and politics that is so much better than anything you read in school.

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'King's Cage' by Victoria Aveyard

The third installment in Victoria Aveyard's bestselling Red Queen series, King's Cage has even more of the magic, action, adventure, and love that made you fall for Mare Barrow's story in the first place. A tantalizing romp through one of YA's most intriguing fantastical kingdoms, King's Cage has even more danger than the court of King Henry VIII.

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'Dark Breaks the Dawn' by Sara B. Larson (May 30)

Sure, real-life aristocracies have their issues, but nothing compares to the drama, danger, and doom that comes with running a magical kingdom. Just ast Princess Evelayn of Eadrolan, the heroine of Sara B. Larson's upcoming reimagining of Swan Lake, Dark Breaks the Dawn. On her eighteenth birthday, Evelayn can finally be able to tap into the full ability of her magic, but no sooner can she access is she forced to learn how to control it, lest her home, the Light Kingdom, be swallowed by the corrupt king of darkness. An dark, romantic adventure through one of the most beloved folk tales of all time, Dark Breaks Dawn is sure to be the beginning of an addicting YA series.

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'The Last Tudor' by Philippa Gregory (Aug. 2)

There may still be a few long months of waiting ahead, but come August, bestselling historical fiction author Philippa Gregory has another Tudor book on the horizon, this time about three of the most famous sisters in England's history: Jane, Catherine, and Mary Grey. All strong, brave women who defied their queen in their own way, the subjects of The Last Tudor are brought to life on the page through rich historical detail and Gregory's remarkable narrative skills.

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