13 People Reveal Where They Have Sex When They're Home For Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving back at home can be a magical time, but it presents some challenges, of course. Aside from thinking of the best strategies for how to dodge relatives' political arguments, you're faced with a pressing dilemma. While coming home for another year means that you get to reconnect with relatives, it also means that you get to rekindle the spark with your old flames from high school. If you're in a relationship and brought your partner home to meet your family, there is some serious romance in the air. In either event, you probably want to plan out a Thanksgiving hookup spot, ASAP. Naturally, having a house filled with relatives complicates any hookup you may have in the works.

You can take a few routes. You can use this as an opportunity to let your wild side shine and finally actualize the public sex fantasies you've kept hidden in your mind, tucked away for a desperate time like this —just know the laws before you do so! Or you can revert back to your teenage days and make good use of your car. Or you can be sneaky about it. Having sex while there are other people in the house may be a bit tricky, but you can totally make it happen — and make it a hot experience too.

"When there are others in the house, the idea of getting 'caught' having sex is exciting for some," Rachel Needle, Psy.D., licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist in West Palm Beach, Florida, tells Bustle. "For those who really want to have sex, but don't want others to hear, [you] can take steps to reduce the noise. First, if you are using a bed, make sure the bed is away from the wall so it doesn't bang up against it. If there is not a way to move the bed, you can use the floor, or bend over the side of the bed. Depending on how much noise the bed. Depending on how much noise you typically make during sex, putting on some music can also help mask some of the noise. If you are face-to-face with your partner, you can kiss when you want to moan or scream. For some, biting a pillow works to hold back the moans."

So what's the best place for your Thanksgiving hookup? Well, that totally depends on you and what you're comfortable with. Here are where 13 Millennials have sex when they're home for Thanksgiving.

Ernest, 25

"In my car."

Olivia, 21

"My partner and I drive up to the hill where everyone from high school used to go hook up and watch the sunset. It brings back memories!"

Laurence, 23

"My parents are divorced so I text them and figure out which one will be away at work and I go from there."

Genevieve, 26

"In the basement."

Yvette, 25

"We drive to the Walmart down the street and have sex in the parking lot."

Trey, 22

"I just sneak my partner in to my bedroom when everyone is asleep."

Tanya, 28

"On the floor.. no noisy headboards!"

Paige, 26

"My partner and I sneak away to the bathroom and we run the water."

Kelsey, 28

"In my walk in closet. It's pretty small but if anyone opens my bedroom door we're safe!"

Daria, 26

"The movie theater."

Conor, 21

"On the pull-out futon."

Helen, 27

"The woods by my house."

Melissa, 30

"In the basement after everyone is sleeping."

Coming home for Thanksgiving may present some obstacles in your love life, but they are not insurmountable. All you need to do is channel your creativity and tap in to your imagination.