13 Of The Best Plus Size Dresses & Jumpsuits For New Year's Eve

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

I love a good party. But I probably love sitting at home watching Homeland until my eyes glaze over a little more. This is why, for me, New Year's Eve is a great excuse to finally peel myself off the couch and find an excellent celebration — even if most weekends I opt for the TV marathon scenario instead. Because I do love occasionally getting dressed up while blaring Robyn songs. I love picking out an outfit that makes me feel like a Real Housewife. I love the eventual realization that sequins make me break out in a rash and wearing something else instead. It's fun. Something that's not so fun, though? Finding plus size New Year's Eve options.

Sure, there are plus size pieces out there, but the further you are from a size 12 or 14, the fewer options you have. Your search quickly goes from having all the choices in the world to having just a handful of stores and pieces to choose from. It's frustrating because, this just in: not every plus size person wants to wear the same damn dress.

Luckily, there are more and more inclusive fashion brands popping up these days, providing us with more options. It's still not even close to as many options as people under a size 14, but there is progress happening nonetheless. Whether you're searching for a badass jumpsuit, a velvet ensemble, or a classic sequined dress, these are the newest, best New Year's Eve options if you're plus size.

Reb Dolls Off-The-Shoulder Mini Dress

Not into sequins? Or maxi dresses? Want to wear a little black dress that's not so basic? This look is for you. I'm personally still loving the off-the-shoulder, oversized sleeve trend of summer, and this sexy dress is a great way to bring it into the winter months. Plus, it goes up to 5X and is less than $40.

Zellie For She Sequin Disco Fever Sequin Dress

Now, if you do like sequins, but you also want to try something a little different, this Zellie For She number is for you. It's a statement piece, and that's kind of the best part about it. And just imagine it paired with platform heels. Perfect.

Premme Metallic Pants & Top Set

With both pieces sold separately (the top retails for $64), this metallic Premme look is the perfect mix of comfort and versatility. I'm imagining wearing this set on New Year's Eve (perfect for dancing) and mix-and-matching these pieces throughout 2019. It's available for pre-order right now, and will ship in the coming weeks, according to the website.

ASOS Curve High Neck Sequin Dress

The details in the dress are what makes it more than just another sequin dress, in my opinion. The high neck, draped back, thigh-high side slits, and arm details make this unique, and it's perfect for any New Year's Eve event, no matter how glam.

Universal Standard Red Wrap Dress

Everyone needs a glorious, comfortable red wrap dress. This one is perfect for a more low key New Year's Eve — maybe drinking at a friends house or going out for dinner only to decide that drinking wine at home while watching the ball drop is much, much better than going out. Plus, it's available from size 00 to size 32.

Universal Standard Sequin Slip Dress

OK, yes, this is another sequin dress — but this is New Year's Eve we're talking about, I had to do it. Plus, the slip silhouette is just perfect for layering over a turtleneck.

Eloquii Metallic Jumpsuit With Long Sleeves

This jumpsuit isn't quite gold or silver, but somewhere in between. Plus, it have sleeves, making it great for if you happen to be spending NYE somewhere extra cold.

Fashion Nova Curve Feather-y Mini Dress

Although you may mainly remember it from that iconic scene in Never Been Kissed, feather-y trim is trending right now. This body con black dress has just the right amount of flare for a night out, and at $35, you might as well just add it to your cart now.

Goop x Universal Standard Wool Tuxedo

This cropped tuxedo set (the trousers are $225) is a New Year's Eve look that is also an investment piece. Both the tuxedo jacket and pants could be worn separately, but together they are a perfect dress alternative. And a tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath? There's pretty much nothing sexier.

Luv Me More Red Jumpsuit

I love finding new size-inclusive brands, and Luv Me More recently popped up on my radar. This jumpsuit is simple, affordable, and available up to size 26. Pair it with some awesome earrings and you are set.

Eloquii Navy Velvet Suit

Did I include this in last month's plus size picks round-up? Yes, yes I did. But it is just that good. And if you haven't yet considered wearing a velvet suit to every event in your life (and that definitely includes New Year's Eve), then you should start to ASAP.

LOFT Velvet Wrap Dress

Everyone needs a velvet option in their closet for the holidays. This particular dress would look gorgeous under a leather moto jacket, I think.

Glamorous Curve Floral Maxi Dress

Leopard print, anyone? And if that doesn't interest you, take a look at the price tag on this dress. It's not your typical New Year's Eve dress, but it's fun, playful, and sexy. Plus, it is $20.