13 Scary Movies Still To Come In 2017

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The year may already be more than half over, but that doesn't mean horror fans have nothing to look forward to. Despite big releases like Get Out, Split, and Alien: Covenant having come and gone, there are lots of scary movies still to come this year. Let's not forget that the scariest time of year, Halloween, is still several months away, which means many movie studios have been holding back their most frightful features for the fall. So what scary films are left for 2017?

Quite a few, as it turns out. The rest of the year promises all kinds of scary movies, meaning just about every type of horror fan is going to find something they like. Some old franchises will be returning, some new franchises will be continuing, some original dark horses will premiere, and one scary flick might just be the most anticipated movie of the year — if its trailer views are any indication. There are also several horror icons involved in varying degrees in upcoming films, such as writer Stephen King, producer J. J. Abrams, and actor Tobin Bell. So draw the shades and prepare yourself for goosebumps and jump scares, because here are 13 scary movies that will be arriving later this year.


‘The Gracefield Incident’ - July 21

It's a new type of found footage horror film, since the camera recording everything is embedded in a character's prosthetic eye.


‘The Dark Tower’ - July 28

It's not straight up horror, but any movie based on a Stephen King novel is going to have its spooky moments.


‘Lycan’ - August 4

There's werewolves in them there woods.


‘Annabelle: Creation’ - August 11

The latest installment in one of the scariest franchises of today.


‘Polaroid’ - August 25

As if teens weren't scared enough of old technology.


‘Jackals’ - September 1

Home invasion movies will always be scary.


‘It’ - September 8

Excitement is off the charts for this adaptation of the classic King novel.


‘Friend Request’ - September 22

Welp, it's official. I'm deleting Facebook.


‘Flatliners’ - September 29

This sequel/reboot of the '90s cult favorite looks to thrill a new generation.


‘Happy Death Day’ - October 13

It's Groundhog Day, but less funny.


‘God Particle’ - October 27

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not much is known about this space-set film, except that it's somehow tied to the Cloverfield universe.


‘Jigsaw’ - October 27

The Saw franchise returns after seven years with this prequel, just in time for Halloween.

Scared yet?