13 Sexy Gifts Under $100 For Valentine’s Day

As February 14 rapidly approaches, romantics everywhere are scrambling to make this year's Valentine's Day great, and maybe even better than ever, because that's what romantics do. So to those people, I ask you this: Have you considered giving your partner a sex toy for Valentine's Day? Or maybe giving your partner a sex toys that you can both use? You know, like one of those very exciting couples sex toys that are out there? If not, Valentine's Day is the best time to consider it.

But Valentine's Day isn't strictly confined to just romantic love — you know your BFF wants a sex toy for Galentine's Day this year. And, there's nothing wrong with getting yourself a Valentine's Day gift too, especially if it's a rechargeable wand vibrator or a bullet.

The best part about giving sex toys for Valentine's Day? You really don't have to break the bank to make it a special gift. Whether you're getting a sexy gift for your partner, the person you're kind-maybe-sorta seeing, your best friend, or yourself, there are plenty of affordable options. Here are 13 sex toys under $100 that are bound to impress — and, um, fulfill things that flowers and chocolate just don't.


Unite By We-Vibe

Unite, $99, We-Vibe

Similar to their other vibrators, We-Vibe’s Unite is hands-free, so it can comfortably fit the clitoris while you and a partner can use your hands for other things… oh, all the other things!

It also has 10 vibration modes from which to choose. And, not only is it less than $100, but We-Vibe is offering 20 percent off both Unite and the Sync, from January 25 to February 16. Just use promo code VIBE20 when you check out and you’re good to go.


Lovehoney Desire Luxury Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Remote Control Panty Vibrator, $74.99, Lovehoney

If you love to put the control in a partner’s hands, then you absolutely want the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Remote Control Panty Vibrator. Slip on the sex undies that have a pocket in the crotch for the vibrator, then hand the controls over to your partner. With eight speeds, 12 patterns, and the ability to work as faraway as eight meters (which is roughly 26 feet), just think about all the places where you can play with this fun little toy.


Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator, $99.99, Lovehoney

Coming in just under the $100-mark is the Lovehoney Desire LuxuryRechargeable Wand Vibrator. The shape is perfect, because its handle lets you experiment with the eight patterns of pulses and 12 levels of intensity. It’s waterproof and when fully charged will keep going for a full 60 minutes. It’s perfect for solo use or with your partner.


Jimmyjane Iconic Rechargeable Rabbit

Jimmyjane Iconic Rechargeable Rabbit, $84, Jimmyjane

Although it seems like every sex toy brand as their own version of the rabbit, the sex toy that became a household name thanks to Sex and the City, Jimmyjane’s version is totally top notch, not to mention pretty AF.

It’s waterproof, has seven vibration options and three rotation speeds. While normally this particular goodie would cost more than $100, if you hop on over to Babeland right now, they’re having a sale — 20 percent off all vibrators by JimmyJane.


Lovehoney Desire Limited Edition Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire Limited Edition Luxury USB RechargeableClitoral Vibrator, $69.99, Lovehoney

Because the way to any woman’s heart is through her clitoris, this toy is all you really need to get your Valentine’s Day started. With its eight varieties of vibration and 12 speeds of intensity, your clitoris will be the happiest one on the block for sure.


Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2, $89.99, Satisfyer

As someone who's tried the Satisfyer Pro 2, I'm giving it two thumbs up. Actually, I'd give it three, but I only have two, so, you know how that goes. Satisfyer Pro 2 is all about clitoral stimulation thanks to vacuum technology that's aimed to please.


Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy, $79, Babeland

If your partner is into having their prostate properly massaged, then there's no other toy for them than Naughty Boy. I mean, LOOK AT IT. That "naughty" boy isn't messing around; it really gets in there to give your partner all the pleasure he wants.


Babeland Beginner's Strap-On Set

Babeland Beginner's Strap-On Set, $95, Babeland

If you and your partner are into pegging or if you're thinking V-Day is the day to give it a try then Babeland Beginner's Strap-On Set is for you. Although it has "beginner's" in the name, that doesn't mean seasoned peggers (which is technically not a word, but does make sense in this case) won't enjoy it. The set also has everything you could possibly need, right down to the lube.


Je Joue Uma

Je Joue Uma, $99, Je Joue

When it comes to trusted brands in the sex toy industry, Je Joue is another that you want to pay attention to. Je Joue Uma has five speeds and five pulses and, if that weren't enough, is shaped in such a way that it's going to give you maximum G-spot stimulation if you choose to insert it inside you (used outside, it offers fantastic clitoral stimulation). It has it all.


Ooh London Love-In Set

Oooh London Love-In Set, $95, Je Joue

In keeping with the theme that Je Joue knows exactly how to please, their Ooh London Love-In Set just might be the ideal way to end your Valentine's Day. Although Je Joue does have a handful of mix-and-match sets from which to choose, this one falls under $100, and includes a vibrating cock ring, as well as the Pebble Vibe that's perfect for clitoral stimulation. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can be used in either the pebble or the cock ring. No matter what, everyone is satisfied.


Crave Bullet

Crave Bullet, $69 - $99, Babeland

Sometimes we have to travel. I mean, you can't spend your whole life on the couch, right? But traveling also means bringing along a toy. So if you and your partner have a romantic V-Day weekend away planned, then surprise them with the Crave Bullet. It's small, discrete, powerful, and perfect when you don't feel like lugging along a much larger vibrator.


Kookie Cuffs

Kookie Cuffs, $68 - $70, Babeland

For those who like to engage in some fun kinky sex, restraints are a great place to start. Babeland's Kookie Cuffs are made of leather — so whoever is restrained isn't going anywhere — and because they're adjustable, they're ~bound~ to fit any wrist size, which is perfect for those who like to switch up the submissive and dominant roles.


Babeland Vibrator Starter Set

Babeland Vibrator Starter Set, $56, Babeland

If you've looked at this entire list and found yourself a bit overwhelmed, then no worries! If you or the person you're buying for are new to sex toys, then keep it simple with the Babeland Vibrator Starter Set. This set contains Babeland's famous Bullet Vibrator (still a fave of mine), a vibrating cock ring, and a vibrating G-spot stimulator. Add some candles to the mix for mood lighting, and you'll have one hell of an awesome Valentine's Day.

Remember that although Valentine's Day is historically steeped in celebrating romantic love, you don't have to be partnered up to enjoy any of these toys. Well, maybe for the pegging and restraining, it might be useful. But my point is, Valentine's Day is about all sorts of love — love of friends, love of family, and, of course, love of self... and we all know self-love is the best love.