13 Times Vicki From ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Was So Relatable

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County is many things. She is tenacious, fun-loving, antagonistic, brash, no-nonsense, all-of-the-nonsense, proud, and, once in a blue moon, apologetic. And whether you want to admit it or not, Vicki from Real Housewives is relatable, too. Sure, the elder stateswoman of The Real Housewives does and says a lot of stuff that is uniquely Vicki, but every now and again, she will do something that will remind viewers that she's more like them than they realized.

You may not be a Vicki stan, and that is your prerogative; her “my whoop it up way or the highway” approach to life does not appeal to everyone, and she is not always easy to root for (see: the way she handled the Brooks Ayers cancer debacle, the brutal feud between Brooks and Briana Culberson, and the harmful Shannon and David Beador rumors). However, just because you can't always condone Vicki's behavior does not mean it's entirely impossible to identify with her. Au contraire, mon Bravoholic: It may actually be impossible to not relate to Vicki on some level.

Without further ado, here are a handful of relatable Vicki moments that will cruise into your heart like a family van you did not order from a car rental company. Get ready to tuck into this list like it's that casserole you've been waiting for several seasons.

1. When She Set Reasonable Expectations For Her Morning Routine


Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is a tall order as is. Getting up before sunrise to go do exercise things? *Snaps back to reality.* *Crawls back in bed.* *Pretends alarm clock never went off.* *Sleeps for at least another hour.* *Bids lofty workout plans farewell.*

2. When She Needed To Get Away From All Of This Stress


Who among us hasn't needed to get away from all of this stress?

3. When She Issued A Warning To Anyone Who Might Try To Mess With Her Money Or Her Property


It's not a question. It's not a request. It's a warning. And a fair warning, at that.

4. When She Brought Up Death During A Cast Vacation


We've all gone on a vacation with people we love, only to get bit by the "mortality is a thing" bug, right?

5. When She Revealed One Of The Tiers Of Gunvalson's Hierarchy Of Needs



6. When She Revealed Another Tier Of Gunvalson's Hierarchy Of Needs


She makes a valid point. Whether you get them done or prefer to leave them bare, it's always nice to look down at your own hands and see not-gross nails.

7. When She Tuned Out Everything But "Cheeseburger"


That's what we call snack-tive listening.

8. When She Said Her Hobbies Are Life


Watching Real Housewives isn't a hobby. It's life.

9. When She Appreciated This Compliment


What a relief.

10. When It All Got To Be Too Much & She Needed A Vacation


The average human probably thinks this thought no less than 85 times a week.

11. When She Craved Authenticity


Vicki doesn't want to live in the Matrix, and who can blame her?

12. When She Just Wanted To Know Where The Onion Rings Were


We've all been there.

13. And Finally, Every Single Time She Couldn't Stop Dry Heaving

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We've all been there, too.

If you related to at least nine out of 13, congratulations — you're living the whoop-it-up life. So go ahead and raise a tequila shot to Vicki, the last of the original O.C. Real Housewives, the forever whoop it up champion, and relatable Queen of The Woo-Hoo Commonwealth.