13 Valentine's Day Memes To Share On Facebook

As an adult, I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day single, as half of a couple, and even as part of an ambiguous we’re-not-sure-what-we-are-but-it’s-more-than-a-hookup situation. (Twice. Least favorite. Don’t recommend it.) So I’ve experienced the full gamut of possible Valentine’s Day situations and I understand that not all Valentine’s Day experiences are created equal. However, I think there’s one thing that we all can get behind, whether we love or despise February 14: Valentine’s Day memes.

Valentine’s Day memes serve so many purposes! They can be a cheeky way to say “I’m into you” or they can express your hatred of the Day of Love. (I see you, Valentine’s Day Grinch.) They can also act like the modern-day, grown-up version of those little cards we used to hand out in school every year. You know, the ones that your mom made you give to everyone in the class, but you made sure to give the extra-special one to your crush in hopes they’d figure out your aching, second grade longing for them. (No? Just me?)

Anyway, regardless of your feelings about Valentine’s Day, here are 13 Valentine’s Day memes you can share on Facebook. One of them will definitely work for you — and hopefully make a few of your friends laugh.

1. Getting Freudian

2. Just A Little Reminder...

3. Wrong.

4. Best Pick-Up Line Ever

5. Are You Google?

6. Just A Suggestion?

7. The Most Interesting Man Says:

8. 'Cause Love Doesn't Have To Be Forever

9. Flying Solo

10. Couldn't Be Clearer


12. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That But...

13. Oh Dear

Happy Valentine's Day!