These Jokes 'Bird Box' Memes Will Make You Feel Way Better About Being A Scaredy Cat

Bird Box / Netflix

One of this year's scariest film has been brought to your screens by the very wonderful Netflix. Yes Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich has provided all the jumps and scares this winter time and if you haven't seen it, you absolutely need to stop what you're doing and watch it immediately. And maybe stop reading this post because the best Bird Box memes do contain some spoilers.

So, the film is the story of an apocalyptic world which is overrun with these horrific creatures that are killing everyone off. But not how you might expect. Basically if you catch sight of these creatures what you see is so horrifically scary that you are driven to kill yourself. Malorie Shannon, played by Bullock, is pregnant around the beginning of all the instances of these creatures driving people mad. She finds a safe house in which she completely covers all the windows and raises her two children in total isolation to keep them safe. If they leave the house, they must be blindfolded at all times. All the while, the creatures are trying to trick them into removing the masks.

OK so that sounds like the least funny situation ever, right? Well the world is a sick and twisted place, as are all of our senses of humour so the memes are literally, more scream inducing than the terror. But I mean screaming laughing.

Right, the concept is terrifying but there is no denying that the blindfolds are just a little funny.

And the obvious health and safety risks of driving an actual car whilst blindfolded are pretty glaring.

Warning, this film is scary and this little vid will low key make you jump as well.

There is absolutely no denying that these entities are like redonk fast at clocking when someone is looking.

Blindfold jokes — do they ever get old? I couldn't possibly see how.

An obvious advantage in this film is held by people who are actually blind.

As opposed to those who are pretending to be blind to save themselves. Cough. Text me back.

Our gal Malorie proves to be a bit of a dab hand with guns. Firing away with a speed that says "sorry, not sorry".

The creatures are always trying to trick the poor people into taking their masks off and like, OMG rude!

Like obviously there were a lot of super tense moments in that film, but if you take it out of context, it is too funny.

Meanwhile when it came to deciding who had to look at the creatures, things got pretty uncomfortable.

It is one of those films though that leaves you even more irrationally fearful about noises you hear when you're alone.

Let's be real, it would not actually be that much of a stretch to imagine that despite murderous creatures everywhere your boss being like "meh sorry, you have to work".

And yeah, the whole situation is pretty terrifying so you can understand why people are flipping leaping all over the place terrified for their lives. Yet I am laughing RN.

If you haven't watched Bird Box, watch it now. And if it gets too scary, refer to these memes for a good chuckle.

Bird Box is available to watch on Netflix.