14 Couples Memes For Valentine’s Day 2019 That You & Bae Can Totally Relate To


It's hard to believe it, but Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Yes, it's true: whether you love the holiday or hate it, Feb. 14 will be here before you know it. Valentine's Day is one day of the year dedicated to celebrating love, and that can be the love you have for your friends, a special family member, or yourself - and, of course, it's also a day to celebrate romantic love. When you're dating someone, Valentine's Day can be really sweet, thoughtful, and memorable. You might go on a fantastic date or get a really wonderful gift from your partner. Still, that doesn't mean it's a great day for everyone — even couples sometimes dislike V-Day and poke fun at it. And, yes, there are couples memes for Valentine's Day you can laugh at if you aren't all about this holiday.

A lot of the jokes about Valentine's Day have to do with being single, which makes sense — it can be tough to feel alone on Valentine's Day for many people, and laughing about that with strangers on the internet can definitely make things feel lighter and less serious! But there are also jokes and memes out there about being coupled up on V-Day. After all, that's it's own kind of tough situation: picking out gifts, waiting to get the "perfect" gift, trying to come up with a good date night, and maybe even questioning if you want to be in that relationship anymore (yikes!). Whatever you're going through, whether it's good or bad, you'll appreciate these couple memes for Valentine's Day:

1This meme that basically anyone can relate to:

Whether you're dating someone or not, it's safe to say we can all agree that we would be better off if V-Day was actually second Thanksgiving.

2This meme that makes us appreciate moms:

Hey, at least you have your parents if your significant other fails to impress! That's not a bad second choice.

3This one that explains how it feels to look for gifts:

Searching for the right thing to buy your partner for Valentine's Day can be seriously overwhelming. It's like, you just had to go through this for Christmas, and now you have to do it again?!

4This meme that many will be able to relate to:

And if your partner can't think of something to get you? Just send them this.

5The only question that matters:

Let's be honest, Valentine's Day is just good for chocolates and flowers and maybe a giant teddy bear.

6This one that is a little too real:

This is... terrifying, to be honest.

7This one that makes a lot of sense:

When you realize they're just buttering you up for a romantic experience.

8This very rude meme:


9This very true meme:

"A life size replica of Danny DeVito" sounds about right.

10This awkward situation:

When is the right time to explain something like this, exactly?

11This very accurate statement:

Can confirm. This is what happens in relationships.

12This statement that we can all agree on.

Basically, yes.

13And this one that explains what we all really want:

Spoiler alert: it's food.