14 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Feminist Dad

by JR Thorpe

Is your dad devoted to women's rights and wants to show it? You don't have to get the same-old same-old gifts for Father's Day 2018; he probably has enough boring ties and socks to last him until the Apocalypse. Instead, why not get your feminist dad something that shows off his commitment to gender equality, subtly or overtly? Once you're too old to give him pasta-and-glue handmade cards, it's time to give him a serious gift that commemorates his beliefs (or tries to show him yours). Well, as serious as a Wonder Woman bow tie can actually get.

Feminist gifts aren't just about slogans or iconic imagery, though that's certainly a part of it. Presents can have feminist credentials in many ways, whether they fund women's organizations, are made by groundbreaking female artisans, contribute to equality campaigns, or help fund economic empowerment in women's communities. There are, after all, many different ways to be a feminist ally in today's world. Whether your dad's a traveler, a fashionista, a protestor, a reader, a wine or whisky lover, or just likes a good pair of socks (yes, we've included some of the classic Father's Day ideas), here are some ideas on how to make his Father's Day a bit more feminist.


Office-Appropriate But Still Snazzy


Something He'll Literally Take Everywhere


Something For Your Dad Who Loves To Bake


No matter what kind of feminist your dad is, he'll be sure to appreciate a gift that lifts up women's rights and tearing down the patriarchy. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and father figures in your life.