These '00s Shows Need Reboots ASAP

by Taylor Ferber

Unfortunately, not all classic shows are meant to be reincarnated in present day. (I'm talking to you, O.C.) As glorious as fan-favorite shows like Lost and Gossip Girl are, they should stay exactly where they were left: in the '00s. It's true, nostalgia doesn't die. But sometimes the storyline hits a dead end, or in Friends' case, is too perfect to even touch again at risk of tarnishing its rep. Thankfully, though, there are a handful of shows that get the Saved by the Bell and Gilmore Girls treatment — and there are still so many shows from the '00s that have potential.

In some fictional shows back in the day, beloved characters (like Lizzie McGuire and Amy Juergens) were finding themselves, so naturally, fans want to know what they're up to now. The '00s can also be remembered as the peak of reality TV. I'm certain that if the Laguna Beach cast and/or Simple Life's Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reunited, cable would explode. And I will never stop wishing for the return of TRL.

Take a look at the list below and if any spark interest for reboots, I suggest praying to the TV gods immediately.


'Lizzie McGuire' (2001-2004)

Lizzie McGuire was the ultimate mood. If watching her adolescent angst transform into teenage and then twenty-something angst, it would provide memes and life for days. (Obviously with Gordo around to put her in check and roll his eyes at all the other 20somethings with their lives falling apart.)


'Punk'd' (2003-2007)

Good, old fashion pranking never gets old. And with the rise of social media, there are so. many. opportunities. If Kutcher and his team did it right, they could really get celebs before even announcing the return of the show, so they wouldn't even see it coming. BOOM.


'Veronica Mars' (2004-2007)

Although Kristen Bell reprised her beloved roll for the 2014 movie, is there such a thing as too much DGAF Veronica Mars? Veronica and her ass-kicking breathe a whole different life in a series, and her character is someone that could still serve as some major inspiration to all women right now.


'8 Simple Rules' (2002-2005)

Because it would just be mean to reboot cherished shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, this would have a shot coming back to the screen. John Ritter, who played the family anchor Paul, unexpectedly passed away during the second season. But in a rebooted series, fans could watch Bridget (Kelly Cuoco) take on Cate's (Katey Sagal) role, in dealing with a husband who has a Paul-like role. Full circle and more shenanigans.


'Freaks and Geeks' (1999-2000)

I dream of the day this A+ cast (including James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel) returns as parents of the latest freaks and geeks at McKinley High School. The show was ahead of its time, so pray that Paul Feig is ready to bring it back.


'Laguna Beach' (2004-2006)

OK, OK, I know it may be unrealistic to get all these kids back in Laguna now that they've settled into their own lives, careers, and families. But I'll even settle for a reunion episode. I mean it, MTV.


'The Simple Life' (2003-2007)

If like me, you could stare and laugh at this GIF all day, imagine how incredible it would be to see this hilarious reality show back for good. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie haven't been partners in crime for quite some time, so they're reunion would be enough in itself. And imagine their journey, dare I say, without cell phones?


'The Secret Life Of The American Teenager' (2008-2013)

After watching Shailene Woodley blow up to A-list status, it would be quite a trip to watch her as Amy again. Fans could get caught up on what she's been doing over the last few years. How was New York? Where's Ricky? Need answers.


'Everwood' (2002-2006)

After all of his worldly experience in the last decade, Chris Pratt could surely bring a new twist to Bright. And by twist, I mean even more cryptic emo-ness. Here's to the 2000's.


'Taina' (2001-2002)

Did you forget about this amazing Nickelodeon show? How dare you? Not only did it have an incredible theme song, but boss lady Taina (Christina Vidal), who was goals. Taina marched to the beat of her own drum as she dreamt of becoming a huge star. Now, fans could watch her and her on-point attitude show La La Land what's really up as she thrives all these years later.


'One Tree Hill' (2003-2012)

Fans have needed to see how Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton's (Hilarie Burton) fate turned out ever since they so selfishly left the series midway through. And if they didn't return for a reboot, I would be totally OK with a Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) spin-off.


'TRL' (1998-2008)

This triumph seems like an impossible one given that it's 2017. But Tidal and other platforms prove secrets, like new music and videos, can still be kept in the entertainment industry. If only artists revealed their new work live and in person. I'm just saying...


'Drake & Josh' (2004-2007)

Because two goofy dudes with a sense of humor can still bring out the kid in everyone. And who doesn't need that right now? Drake (Brake Bell) and Josh (Josh Peck) would still get the same laughs with whatever trouble they were causing nearly 10 years later.


'That's So Raven' (2003-2007)

The possibilities for this hilarious series coming back are endless, and ones only Raven (Raven-Symone) would see, obviously. Not only could the Disney show return chronicling the life of an adult Raven, but also of a psychic son or daughter (also with her wit and charm).