15 Journals To Buy For Friends (Or Yourself) This Holiday Season

ModCloth; Kate Spade

Whether you are shopping for a literary friend, or you're just in the mood to snag a new piece of stationery for your desk, any of the 15 unique writing journals on the list below would make a great choice.

I have a confession to make. I buy a lot of journals... but I hardly ever write in them. There's something so intimidating about a fresh, clean page. What if I waste space writing the wrong thing? What if I mess up and have to leave an ugly inkblot where I correct myself? Ugh. It's just terrible.

So this is going to be one of those Do as I Say, Not as I Do situations. Because I really want you — or the person on your holiday gifting list, or both — to have a new journal. But I also want you to use it to its fullest. Write, draw, erase, scribble . . . hell, you can even paint in it if you want to. Just grab a creative outlet and go make something beautiful.

1. Bad Girls Throughout History: A Journal

Bad Girls Throughout History: A Journal


Chronicle Books

Need some badass ladies to inspire you in 2019? Look no further than the journal that sandwiches your musings and stories between portraits of amazing women.

2. Johanna Basford's Secret Garden Journal

Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden Journal


Laurence King Books

Perfect for the avid colorer, this journal frames each page with snippets from Johanna Basford's best-selling coloring book for grownups, 'Secret Garden.'

3. Star Wars®: Women of the Galaxy Notebook Collection

Star Wars®: Women of the Galaxy Notebook Collection


Chronicle Books

These three, softcover journals feature portraits of Leia, Rey, and Ahsoka on the covers, with quotes from each of the famous Star Wars characters inside.

4. Zippered Clutch Journal

Zippered Clutch Journal



With space for your I.D. and credit cards, this journal functions as a usable clutch purse. Take it with you whenever you want to make notes while you people-watch.

5. Berkley Bestiary Mini Notebook Set

Berkley Bestiary Mini Notebook Set


Chronicle Books

From Ryan and Lucy Berkeley come these two mini-journals featuring Rainbow Kitty and Unicorn. Check out Unicorn's punk-rock rainbow vibes and tell me you don't want to take him home with you.

6. Fill Me In

Fill Me In


Simon & Schuster

Described as being "part journal, part game," Fill Me In features questions and exercises designed to help you get to know your friends — and yourself — a little better.

7. The Dreamday Pattern Journal: Art Deco — Manhattan

The Dreamday Pattern Journal: Art Deco – Manhattan


Laurence King Books

For the Gatsby fan on your list, this gorgeous, art deco-inspired journal is sure to delight. In addition to unlined spaces for writing and drawing, this journal also includes patterns to color, so there's something to keep you occupied even on days when you don't feel like pouring your soul out onto the paper.

8. Don't Tell Me to Smile Shark Flexi Journal

Don't Tell Me to Smile Shark Flexi Journal


Chronicle Books

Anyone who is tired of being told to smile will love this sassy journal, which is low-key threatening anyone who harasses its owner.

9. Wonder Woman™ Logo Red Faux Leather Notebook

Wonder Woman™ Logo Red Faux Leather Notebook



Who wouldn't want this fantastic Wonder Woman notebook, which features the logo of DC Comics' most badass heroine?

10. Brontë Notebook

Brontë Journal


Obvious State

Featuring a quote from Jane Eyre, Obvious State's Brontë Journal will keep you excited to document everything that makes you happy over the coming year.

11. Stack of Classics XLarge Notebook

stack of classics xlarge notebook


Kate Spade

This 10" by 7" notebook comes with all the bells and whistles, including an elastic closing strap, gilded pages, an interior pocket, and a ribbon bookmark.

12. Embroidered Velvet Journal

Embroidered Velvet Journal



Available in navy floral and pink snow leopard varieties, this luxe, handcrafted journal from Anthropologie is a work of art in its own right.

13. While the Written's Good Notebook

While the Written's Good Notebook



This spiral-bound notebook is trying to be motivational, but it knows how much of a procrastinator you really are.

14. Nothing Nice to Say Grumpy Cat Notebook

Nothing Nice to Say Grumpy Cat Notebook



Grumpy Cat is a whole mood, and one that you're sure to love looking at on the cover of this journal, which will hold all your grievances for the year.

15. Mermaid Notebook Set

Everyday Notebook Set: Mermaid, Set of Two, with Gold Accents


Rifle Paper Co.

These fanciful, linen-covered notebooks will inspire you all year, especially if you're the type of person who wants to run away to the sea and become a mermaid.