15 Journals To Buy For Friends (Or Yourself) This Holiday Season

ModCloth; Kate Spade

Whether you are shopping for a literary friend, or you're just in the mood to snag a new piece of stationery for your desk, any of the 15 unique writing journals on the list below would make a great choice.

I have a confession to make. I buy a lot of journals... but I hardly ever write in them. There's something so intimidating about a fresh, clean page. What if I waste space writing the wrong thing? What if I mess up and have to leave an ugly inkblot where I correct myself? Ugh. It's just terrible.

So this is going to be one of those Do as I Say, Not as I Do situations. Because I really want you — or the person on your holiday gifting list, or both — to have a new journal. But I also want you to use it to its fullest. Write, draw, erase, scribble . . . hell, you can even paint in it if you want to. Just grab a creative outlet and go make something beautiful.

1. Bad Girls Throughout History: A Journal

2. Johanna Basford's Secret Garden Journal

3. Star Wars®: Women of the Galaxy Notebook Collection

4. Zippered Clutch Journal

5. Berkley Bestiary Mini Notebook Set

6. Fill Me In

7. The Dreamday Pattern Journal: Art Deco — Manhattan

8. Don't Tell Me to Smile Shark Flexi Journal

9. Wonder Woman™ Logo Red Faux Leather Notebook

10. Brontë Notebook

11. Stack of Classics XLarge Notebook

12. Embroidered Velvet Journal

13. While the Written's Good Notebook

14. Nothing Nice to Say Grumpy Cat Notebook

15. Mermaid Notebook Set