15 Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorials To Transform Into The Lip Kit Queen This Halloween

If there's one thing the youngest member of the Kardashian crew has down pat, it's a flawless face. The reality TV star turned beauty guru, Kylie Jenner, is the queen of nude lips and sultry eye makeup. All it takes is the right Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial and a trendy wardrobe to give yourself a celebrity makeover in her likeness come Halloween.

Given that imitating her style is doable and she's constantly sharing tips via her website, a Kylie costume is easier to pull off than you think. Aside from having a Kylie Jenner inspired wig, it's all about the face when it comes to transforming into the makeup maven. Just know that a glow, a perfectly filled in pout, and a contour that even Kim K would be jealous of are essential to nailing the look. You may as well break out a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit and eyeshadow palette to ensure the beauty beat is on point, because she's always slaying in her own products.

There's no better excuse for wearing Kylie Cosmetics for Halloween than by dressing up as Jenner herself. Become Kardashian-worthy when you look to these 15 makeup tutorials for creating KJ's signature looks.

1. Chocolate Lips

Amy-Rose Walker on YouTube

It's not every day that the nude lip fanatic tries on a dark lippie, but when she does, Jenner totally slays. Compliment the look with glamorous wispies to bring intensity to your gaze as she always does.

2. Soft Smoky Eye

Carli Bybel on YouTube

A subtle smoky eye enhanced by full lashes is Jenner's jam, paired with a neutral lippie, of course.

3. Highlighter Queen

Talia Mar on YouTube

Capture the essence of the youngest Kardashian by throwing on a mint green wig and layering on the highlighter.

4. Doll Eyes

AdelaineMorin on YouTube

A pop of white liner in the waterline, elongated lashes, and strategic highlighting and contouring make for gorgeous KJ makeup.

5. Full Glam

Gianna Fiorenze on YouTube

Bold brows, a glossy pout, and a shimmering smoky eye is how Jenner ups the wow factor on her glam.

6. Fleeky Contour

Nina Vee on YouTube

You can always expect a contour too perfect for words from Jenner. Looks like someone borrowed a page or two from big sis Kim K's beauty book.

7. Peachy Keen

Aidette Cancino on YouTube

It's not a typical look from the beauty queen, but monochromatic peach makeup still embodies the baby Kardashian. The look definitely puts her Royal Peach Palette to good use, too.

8. Dramatic Cat Eyes

PatrickStarrr on YouTube

A Cleopatra-esque wig and bold liner work puts a twist on Jenner's signature look. Still, she keeps her usual pinky-nude lip.

9. Pink Pout

Kandee Johnson on YouTube

Keep the eyeshadow minimal and go for a bubblegum pink on the lips for a throwback Jenner look.

10. Classic Red Lips

Roxette Arisa on YouTube

It doesn't get any more classic than a red statement lip; Even KJ realizes that.

Kelly Strack on YouTube

11. Pinky Nude

EMAN on YouTube

Layer on pink, from your lids to your cheeks to your pout, for a monochromatic soft glam à la Kylie Jenner.

12. Neutral Glam

Shani Grimmond on YouTube

Who better than King Kylie to nail a bronzey, neutral makeup look?

13. Vampy Lip

Kelly Strack on YouTube

The nude lip lover clearly has a flair for the dramatic, too, because her bold lashes and vampy lip look just as flawless as her usual beauty beat.

14. Retro Glam

Rachel Leary on YouTube

Red lips and a sultry smoky eye will forever slay.

15. Klassic Kylie

Roxette Arisa on YouTube

If nothing else, Jenner is known for her signature neutral pout, usually complimented with subtle eyeshadow for an everyday makeup look.

The trendsetting, hair chameleon of a beauty guru will likely be imitated a lot once Oct. 31 hits. It's kind of expected when you're a Kardashian favorite who's makeup game is always strong.