15 Old-Fashioned Self-Care Activities We Should Bring Back

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Self-care is a pretty popular concept. But it wasn't invented by millennials, and today's young adults certainly haven't yet discovered all the ways generations of people have taken care of themselves and their wellbeing. And while going back in time won't solve any modern problems, tapping into some old-fashioned self-care tips might.

A lot of these activities that people before you did may not seem that foreign on the surface, but there are some habits of daily life that have dissipated in the information age. And bringing them back can be be healthy and healing without seeming too anachronistic. "Many old-fashioned self-care activities that [people] did many years ago, we still do but do not think of them as self-care or as old-fashioned," speaker and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport tells Bustle. "Everything old is new again — as long as you put a contemporary twist on it." So take a little peek into the past, you might enjoy it.

Self-care is limitless, and different forms of it work for different people. Whether it's something productive or relaxing, social or self-reflecting, it's good as long as it makes you feel better and more in-touch with yourself. And people in the past had a few tricks up their sleeves to make this easier.

Here are 15 old-fashioned self-care activities we should bring back.