These Adorable Disney Bath Bombs Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

There is a brief moment in life where baths are deemed "not cool." It's somewhere between childhood bubble baths and the first time that you decide to stay in an take one instead of going out. But these products might just make that gap close once and for all. As HelloGiggles found, Hot Topic is selling Disney bath bombs that are perfect for beauty lovers and character-obsessed fans alike. Get ready, because bath time just got even better.

There are some incredible bath bombs out there. Some change water into jelly and others quite literally reward you for bathing, but nothing beats an adorable Disney character. Although Hot Topic's Disney collection is small, it's mighty. It includes the most adorable Minnie Mouse bath bomb that include the character's iconic bow.

According to the product description, the product is 5.7 oz. and actually smells like cherry when it's fizzing in the bath. It doesn't say exactly where the bath bombs are made, but it does say that they're imported. They're genuine Disney products though, so you can breathe easy knowing that no one ripped off the design.

Oh, and Mickey is not available. There's only one half of the iconic duo, but there more than one Disney characters to choose from.

Disney Minnie Mouse Bath Bomb, $8, Hot Topic

If the look of it isn't enough to make you want to buy, the price might be. Although the product is originally $9.90, the Minnie Mouse Bath Bomb is 20 percent off online right now. You can snag it for $7.92, which will make you want to stock up on multiple.

If you're looking to bathe more like a princess, Hot Topic has you covered. There's a Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Bath Bomb. As you can probably tell from the description, the product is in the shape of a rose inside of a case. As you bathe, the little rose pops out and fizzes on its' own. It will leave a rose scent behind, too.

The Enchanted Rose Bath Bomb is the same price as the Minnie Mouse goodie. That means you can stock up on girl power bath products while not breaking the bank. What more could a princess possibly want? Save you three wishes, because this is all you need.

Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose Bath Bomb, $8, Hot Topic

Bath time isn't just for princesses though. There's a third option that is a little less pink, but just as cute as the first two. You can now bathe with Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. The little blue head is the same price as the first two and a tad bit smaller. The scent is also different. The product description says that it smells like ocean. While the scent isn't described very well, it makes a whole lot of sense.

You can also snag a whole set of Stitch bath products, if you rather immerse yourself in the world Lilo and Stitch. You can also get a Jack Skellington soap on a rope, if you're more into that. It will cost you a bit more than the bath bombs though.

Not everyone is a Disney lover and Hot Topic knows it. So, as one does, they also have a whole jar of F-Bomb bath bombs, unicorn poo, and slime-filled bombs to go along with them. Because some days you are a princess and other days you're dropping F-bomb.

Disney Lilo & Stitch Head Bath Bomb, $8, Hot Topic

You can't go wrong with any of these bombs. Bath time is "me-time," which means that it's different for everyone — whether you're into Stitch, Minnie Mouse, or the Belle of the ball.