15 People Share The One Sex Move They Were Surprised To Love

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People are always looking for ways to switch things up in bed, but it's hard to know in advance how you might enjoy doing that. Things that sound great on paper (or in porn) might be less than pleasurable in reality, and on the flip side, you might be surprised by the activities you end up liking. There's no reason to push yourself to do something you don't want, but if you're curious about something but unsure if it's for you, the only way to know is to try.

“Increasing the sexual experimentation and excitement in a relationship means you have to understand the emotional or mental reasons excitement occurs,” Lisa Strohman, JD, PhD, Founder & Director of Technology Wellness Center and licensed clinical psychologist, tells Bustle. “The pleasure system is our center of emotions, drives, impulses, and desires. If you can stop thinking about all of the demands you have on your schedule and start to spend a little time working on feeling sexy, available, and open, you can change this pattern.”

So, if you're looking for new things to try in bed or are on the fence about something you've considered trying, here are some people's surprising favorite bedroom moves that you can draw inspiration from.


Vicki, 31

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"Anal penetration."


Lauren, 33

"Anal sex. Oh my god, I can't get enough!"


Ann, 28

"Rim job."


Annie, 36

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"Doggy style! It let's me focus on my own pleasure."


Michelle, 43



Nicole, 44

"Anal sex."


Naomi, 23

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"Doggy because it lets the man take control and thrust deeper."


Jade, 25

"The first time I felt his tongue up my ass, I came so hard I had no idea what he was even doing."


Sadie, 43

"She flipped me over, crawled up my back, tweaked my nipple, and bit the side of my neck at the same time while rubbing her breasts between my shoulder-blades. SURPRISE FULL BODY ORGASM without touching my genitals. WOW."


Jim, 48

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"Reverse cowgirl."


Rudolph, 28

"Toe sucking, didn’t realize it was an erogenous zone."


Rob, 35

"Being tied up and blindfolded while my wife uses me as she pleases. Especially when she gets a little rough. I think the loss of vision causes incredible anticipation and sensory overload."


Jac, 27

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"I had never tried anything related to anal sex before, and I was surprised to love having anal sex with my trans girlfriend while I was wearing a strap-on. I loved pleasing her and making her orgasm, of course, and we both loved how, in the heat of the moment, we would often lose track of who was penetrating who and just sort of melted together in the most erotic and lovely way."


Katie, 24

"Cowgirl/woman on top. During casual sex, it wasn’t that fun. Now that I am in a relationship, though, being able to control everything and watch his face at the same time, maybe even hold his arms above his head... it’s exhilarating and definitely brings us closer together. AND I am able to simulate doing the position of roll-out exercises, so it lets me f*ck him while my pelvic muscles shiver to orgasm a few times."


Hannah, 36

"Being lifted up onto my partner's shoulders, so he could eat me out while standing up. Crazy fun, balancing act for sure, and made me feel dainty."

Now, you have no shortage of sex acts to try out for yourself — because you may be surprised to love these moves, too.