15 People Reveal How They Met Their Current Partner

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When you meet a couple for the first time, it's always fascinating to find out their "meet cute" story — especially if they met somewhere other than a dating app. In a recent AskReddit thread, one user inquired about how people met their partners, because there's no "right" time or place to make a romantic connection with someone. You never know when or where you might run into someone who makes a lasting impact and becomes part of your life for the long haul... you just have to have your eyes (and heart) open to the possibility of meeting someone great.

Obviously, there's no shame in using dating apps to find love: they're just a tool that, when used properly, can have great results. But there's also no shame in feeling like you want to break out of the online dating scene and try to find a partner out in ~the wild~. It might seem daunting to meet people IRL, but if you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone and are open to making connections, it's totally doable.

Need proof? Here are 15 meet-cute (or not-so-cute) stories from the real people of Reddit — let them give you hope that making a long-lasting, romantic connection can happen in the most unexpected environments (and yes, on dating apps, too).

At A Bar... Two Nights In A Row

Talk about a serendipitous moment.

At A Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Proof that high school romance isn't always doomed to failure... swoon.

On Tinder

Despite its reputation as Hookup Central, it *is* possible to find a real relationship on Tinder (psst — that's how I met my current, wonderful boyfriend, too).

Via Reddit

So meta! But hey, Reddit is a place for people to discuss shared interests, so it kinda makes perfect sense.

By Bumming A Cigarette

Pro tip: throwing a lit cigarette at someone is still not a great idea.

On The OkCupid Subreddit

Who would have thought that going to a subreddit about a dating app would work as well as the app itself?

While Working At The Same Assisted Living Home

When you know, you know, right?

Through Work... But A Little More Risqué

Starting a relationship with your boss is always risky business, but sometimes it pays off.

On eHarmony

Sometimes, you have to leave a toxic relationship to find the right one for you.

In A Moshpit

What could be more romantic than slamming your sweaty bodies into each other while listening to metal?

At A Gay Club

Clubs might not be the most romantic environment, but that doesn't mean there aren't some quality people hiding in all the fake fog and laser beams.

A Random Friend Request

Mark Zuckerberg: the true matchmaker.

At A Music Festival

If you can hear each other over the insanely loud music, you might meet someone you really click with.

Through Mutual Friends

Meeting someone through mutual friends will *always* be a great way to make a romantic connection.

High School Biology Class

Dissecting frogs isn't traditionally romantic, but whatever works for you!

No matter how your own meet cute stacks up, just know that there's no wrong way to fall in love with someone. And if you have yet to meet that special someone, let these stories inspire you to put yourself out there — because you never know when and how you'll find love.