15 Things That Made You Lose Faith In Humanity In The '90s

Paramount Television

When we were kids in the '90s, every small event had the potential to be the greatest moment of our lives or the worst thing to ever happen to us. In fact, there were quite a few things that made you lose faith in humanity in the '90s, because we all remember how bent out of shape we got over missing a rerun of our favorite TV show or learning that Contempo Casuals had been bought out.

I guess that's part of being a kid. When it's good, it's awesome. When it's bad, it's the end of the world and a stage 10 meltdown. I distinctly remember having a full-blown temper tantrum when all of my friends got proposed to with Ring Pops and I didn't, even though when we played MASH, it totally said I was going to get married and live in a mansion. But whatever.

It's hard to wrap our minds around it now; because as responsible, level-headed adults (yeah right), we roll with the punches and don't get worked up over much. But if this were the '90s, and we were hyper-sensitive kids again, these 15 things would probably mean that our lives were over.

1. Major Celeb Break-Ups


If they can't make it, there's no hope for the rest of us.

2. Or When A Celeb Crush Officially Went Off The Market


But my cootie catcher told me he'd marry ME.

3. A Dried Out Milky Pen In The Middle Of Writing A Note To Your BFF


Now Monica will never know that I played Seven Minutes In Heaven with Daniel.

4. When The Led In Your Mechanical Pencil Kept Breaking


Everyone get away from me before I lose it.

5. Substitute Teachers Who Actually Taught


What do they think this is, school?

6. When You Expected A Snow Day And Didn't Get One


Eat my shorts, weatherperson!

7. Dial-Up Internet That Took Forever


Like, how am I supposed to talk to my posse on AIM?

8. A Ball Of Dried Up Play-Doh


And what am I supposed to do with this?

9. Stepping On A Lego


Will the pain ever go away?

10. When Your Sky Dancer Stopped Dancing


She'd sort of just... tip over, and that was it.

11. When You Finished Eating All The Marshmallows In Your Cereal


Now what? Am I supposed to eat the little brown pieces?

12. When Your Ouch! Bubble Gum Lost Its Flavor


It started out so fruity and ended so sad.

13. A Scratched Spice Girls CD


"If you wanna be my lover — lover — lover — lover — lover..."

14. Blurry Pictures From Your Disposable Camera


Or a thumb in the frame. Or not enough lighting. Or too much lighting.

15. When Your Reef Sandals Started To Fray

You'd try to stop it with glue or nail polish, but you knew you'd have to face the inevitable eventually.