These Things Made You SO SAD In The '90s

by Megan Grant

Remember when you were a kid and a hangnail was the end of the world? You'd step in a puddle wearing your brand new Keds and wonder why the world was so against you. There were so many things that made us sad in the '90s, pretty much because anything was bound to make us sad as kids. I can remember crying to my mom one time because my brother drank my root beer. I once got into a screaming match with my sister over a washcloth one of us left in the shower. I can remember absolutely losing my sh*t over a game of Snood that I just couldn't win.

It wasn't the '90s' fault. Years later as a young 20-something, I spent about a year working in a daycare. We had a toddler who would actually slam his head onto the tile (several times) when he didn't get what he wanted. Why are we so dramatic as youngsters?!

Technology has made things so easy on us today. Too easy. I think we've forgotten the days of the '90s where we actually had to get up and push a button to turn the TV on and off. Now, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who was upset by these things.

1. When You Found Out Your Celebrity Crush Was Off The Market

I'm sorry, Nick Lachey. Did I say you were allowed to date someone else?

2. When You Found Out Your Favorite Celebrity Couple Called It Quitsies

JT + BS forever.

3. When Your Brother Put An Empty Box Of Shark Bites Back In The Cabinet

I guess someone needs another swirly.

4. When Your Sister Used Your Tattoo Choker As A Headband

She always stretched it out and it never fit right again.

5. The Fact That Sprinkl'ins Just Didn't Come With Enough Sprinkles

The sprinkles were the best part!

6. When Your Popcorn Top Shrunk In The Dryer

It was funny looking to begin with.

7. When Your Pop-A-Point Pencil Lost A Piece


8. When Your Fruit Stripe Bubblegum Tattoo Washed Off

Those things used to make me feel so hardcore.

9. When You Missed The One Channel You Wanted To See On The TV Guide Scroll

Then you'd have to sit and watch the whoooole thing all over again.

10. When Your Capri Sun Exploded Everywhere

Seriously. Whose idea was that miserable little hole that you had to get the straw in?

11. When Your Mom Wouldn't Get Off The Phone

Hello. You have a life too.

12. When The Dial-Up Was Too Slow To Sign Into AOL Instant Messenger

And clearly, talking to your friends on the phone wasn't an option, thanks to your Chatty Cathy mom.

13. Banana Runts

Did anyone like these? No? Carry on.

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