15 Things That Were Cool In The '90s But Aren't Anymore

by Madeleine Aggeler

The '90s were a magical decade. The economy was booming, tips were frosted, everyone was a Beanie Baby millionaire in the making, body glitter was applied often and liberally ... What a time to be alive. But then the Millennium came (the actual one, not the Backstreet Boys' 1999 landmark album) and everything changed. Suddenly clothes kind of started to fit, landlines disappeared, and denim was no longer considered a head-to-toe look.

And while the '90s seem to have made a comeback, style-wise, there's still a lot that was cool then that would seem absurd today. Two decades later, some of the standard looks, trends, and behaviors of the '90s seem at best ridiculous, and at worst security risks. In a thread that asked "what was cool in the '90s but socially unacceptable nowadays?" Redditors shared what they thought were the most outdated norms of that heavily bedazzled decade.

So, while slipping into a roomy pair of Jncos and some fresh puka shells, shooting off a quick email from your new AOL account, before showing up at your friend's house unannounced may have been the height of cool in 1994, that may not fly as much today. Check out the wisdom of Reddit below, to see what trends you can bring back, and which ones you should probably leave in the past.

This old timey communication device

These very specific guidelines

This chaos

This kind of childcare

This very stressful concept

This lax security

These... things

This iconic coif

This level of stealth

This email address

This stupidity

This important question

The holy trinity

...and the other holy trinity

This look that's cool again now?

But hey, what goes around eventually comes around again ... maybe in another 20 years we'll all be rocking tips and eating our words. Until then, though, it's safe to say that we should avoid the safety hazard of insanely wide-legged jeans for as long as we can.