15 Things We Hated About Summer Vacation In The '90s
by Megan Grant
Little girl jumps in the sea, creating splashes and ripples as she cools off.
Catherine Falls Commercial/Moment/Getty Images

The summers of your youth were the best. It meant at least three months of vacation, a break from school, and almost no responsibilities — but it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, there were a number of things we hated about summer vacation in the '90s. Don't believe everything you hear — being a kid isn't always easy. From the moment we had our Eggo waffles in the morning until the street lights came on at night, our day was rife with daunting challenges — games of freeze tag we had to win, eating popsicles before they melted, trying not to get ripped off selling lemonade... There's a reason '90s kids are so tough, people.

Still, you had the time of your life, and you wouldn't trade those memories for the world. Your summer was filled with water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids, roasting marshmallows by the fire for your s'mores, spending a few weeks at summer camp and making all new friends (and getting your ears pierced when your parents definitely told you not to), and delicious BBQs at home with the family. Summer vacation was like a dream — almost perfect, with the exception of just a few things.


Painful Blisters From Your Jelly Shoes

You were such a fashion savvy youngster, and you loved your jelly shoes; but you wore them so often they left tiny blisters on your poor pinky toes.


An Impressive Collection Of Mosquito Bites

The only good thing about this was you and your friends would play Connect the Dots.


Running Out Of Sun-In

You hadn't quite reached the Pamela Anderson blond you were aiming for when you realized the bottle was empty.


Sunburns And Crazy Tan Lines

SPF 200 couldn't stop the horrid sunburn and subsequent tan lines you got in the summer of '95.


A Busted Super Soaker

This especially sucked when it happened mid-combat. There was no way to rebound from this.


When Your Favorite Color Of Sidewalk Chalk Ran Out

You were the Picasso of your neighborhood, but your masterpiece was ruined when you finished the pink stick.


Losing Control On The Slip 'N Slide

This often resulted in a sprained ankle or wrist, but it looked epic and was totally worth it.


Marco Polo Gone Awry

Your friends would play this mean trick on you where they'd all quietly get out of the pool and run away, leaving you there with your eyes closed, looking like a complete fool.


Leaving A Piece Of Bubble Yum In Your Jean Shorts

You had no idea, and then your mom washed them, and nothing — nothing — she did would remove the remnants of that gum. Then you'd get the lecture about taking better care of your belongings because money doesn't grow on trees.


Pool Water Up The Nose

Send help.


When The Ice Cream Truck Didn't See You

"I'm never going to forget this, ice cream man. Never."


Warm Capri Sun

Was there anything worse than when your juice got warm after sitting outside for too long? No. The answer is no.


Accidentally Kicking Your Hacky Sack In A Mud Puddle

It was never the same after that.


Forgetting To Return Your Blockbuster Movies

You rented a new one every few days because you were always able to stay up late, but your parents made you pay the fines and that was just the worst.


Forgetting How To Stop In Your Rollerblades

They had no brakes, so you had to either learn how to skid to a stop... or find the nearest tree.