15 Unique Planters That Are Out-Of-The-Box & Inexpensive

Courtesy of Brands

As the seasons change, your love for plants is likely staying the same. But the average plant parent these days may need a spicing up of their plant holders. After all, as we're shedding our winter coats, isn't it also reasonable to think our plant babies are also going to need some outfit changes?

If you're scratching your head over how to make sure your growing children are properly accessorized, have no fear — there's plenty of unique planters that are out-of-the-box and inexpensive to furnish your growing jungle into the most hip part of your home. Animals, hanging pots, air plant holders and more are all options for planters that will make guests "ooh" and "ahh" when they enter your apartment. Only the best can be considered to house our beloved fauna and flora friends.

If you're looking for some cool options, Target, Etsy, and Urban Outfitters have you covered for ways to do all the best of your indoor gardening in style — particularly if you're on a budget. No matter what ideas for plants you may have when it comes to your burgeoning green thumb, this listicle can get you started with a few options for planters, all for under $25:

1A Long-Necked Herbivore

Large Llama Planter


This ceramic farm friend will always have your back when it comes to protecting your ferns! Plus, llamas are never not in style.

2A Textured Log

Birch Planter


This planter is designed from real birch log molds, which means it can perhaps inspire your own plant babies to grow nice and big like a birch tree itself.

3A Fruity Container

Banana Planter


Banana trees yield bananas, and now bananas like this one can oversee the growth of more cool plants in its curves. You could say it's sort of like a circle of life to see plants helping (housing) other plants.

4Millennial Pink Wall Art

Simi Air Plant Holder


This round, speckled ceramic plant holder can hang up and display all your sunshine-loving air plants. Its raised edges and a well-placed hole at the bottom ensure maximal quality for your plant friend to thrive.

5The Planter That's The Very Best (Like No One Ever Was)

Bulbasaur Planter


Channel your inner Pokemon-loving nerd with this inexpensive Bulbasaur planter. The beloved character is quite the plant lover in the franchise, so you can rest assured he'll take good care of your children as they bloom.

6More Plants Housing Plants

Cactus Wall Planter


Just like the banana, this cactus wall planter is also a plant housing a plant. Buy it if you want to see a cycle continue, or if you're looking for a super cute wall planter that won't take up desk space.

7An Elegant Hanger

Hot Air Balloon Planter


Take your plants to new heights with this copper-colored hot air balloon planter, which can also hang from any nook or cranny as needed.

8May The Force Be With Your Plants

Death Star Plant Pot


Get a pot that will be the coolest in all galaxies, even the ones ~far, far away~. This pot, modeled after the Death Star, is perfect for any Star Wars fan.

9Hats On Hats On Hats

Wyatt Little Hat Planter

Urban Outfitters

These baseball hat-shaped planters can also function as a sculpture, when you put them together. But if you're buying it for plant-based purposes, there are actually three separate hats to use that can sit up on their own if you take the whole thing apart. Fascinatingly functional!

10A Bag Of Surprises

Rectangular Deck Rail 4-pocket Hanging Planter Bag


This four-pocket bag can house multiple plants together for one big fauna family. Hang it on your porch, deck or patio for the best aesthetic by laying it over a railing.

11A Pretty Fabric Pot

Nahla Fabric Floor Planter


All plant parents may have a secret weakness for a good durable liner and a UV-protected covering for ideal protection of flowers or vegetables (don't want to accidentally kill them with too much sun!). Decorative rope handles, an awesome slipcover, and a sleek design make this fabric planter a must-buy.

12A Planter To Take You To A Land Before Time

White Triceratops Gold Accents Dinosaur Planter


This prehistoric planter can also help your plants flourish in low light areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and offices. It's handmade by the artist, so that just may be the best touch of love that your future succulents and ferns need!

13Cute, Mushy Pots

Mushroom Planter


These adorable little polka-dotted mushroom caps are sculpted from natural earthenware clay and the perfect way to protect your new green friends.

14A Hanging Basket

Wicker Hanging Planter


This planter is just the right sort of wicker aesthetic to liven up any plant-dwelling space.

15A Pineapple For Your Thoughts

Pineapple Air Plant Magnet


These magnetic air plant holders are cute, and made from reclaimed wood so they're also eco-friendly as heck. Now you can even put your favorite air plants on the fridge if you so desire, thanks to these fruity friends.