15 Women On The Movies That Taught Them The Most About Sex & Love, From 'Dirty Dancing' To 'A Walk To Remember'

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For many women, it's hard to pinpoint one specific movie that had the greatest influence in shaping their views of love and sex. So many of the roles for women in film revolve around men and romance that it's nearly impossible to choose just one movie that influenced women's views on romance. Most kids grow up watching Disney movies that usually portrayed a princess who literally depends on a man to save her from some piteous existence. So if you ask a woman what movies shaped her views of love, she might simply say, "all of them."

Yet even if it was difficult for young girls to find a female protagonist who wasn't desperately looking for love, certain movies had more of an impact than others. For me, the film that taught me the most about love was Titanic. No other movie at the time dramatized love quite like it did. I remember owning the two-part VHS copy of the movie and only watching the first part before the "scary" shipwreck, which happened to have the story of Rose and Jack meeting each other. It also taught me a little bit about sex — the private yet salacious moment when Rose's hand hits the steamy window while "doing it" with Jack was everything that the young me needed to know about copulation (or at least that's what I thought at the time).

I also remember watching Grease, and getting upset that my parents fast forwarded through the sex scene. Grease also was one of my favorite movies during my childhood, and because of it and Titanic together, I might have believed that sex in cars was more commonplace than it actually is. And when I was a little older, I watched Cruel Intentions, which made me realize that I didn't understand half of what was going on because so much of it referenced things about sex that I knew nothing about.


But that's just my story. Here are the movies that taught 15 other women about sex and love, for better or for worse.