15 Women On Their Biggest Regrets About Their Relationships With Their Mothers


Most Mother's Day cards and commercials celebrate all the beautiful things about moms and their kids. But the truth is, mother-daughter relationships also come with lots of struggles, and many women end up with regrets about how they behaved toward their moms — and the way their moms behaved toward them. So that we can learn from these to improve our own relationships, I asked women what their biggest regrets were.

Our society idealizes mothers as selfless, caring, and devoted to their families. This ideal can get problematic when women are punished for putting their careers above their families or not having kids at all. It can also get problematic for people whose moms don't have these qualities. Moms, just like dads, can be toxic, absent, or abusive. Like all people, they're multi-dimensional, and they're not all the same.

The same goes with kids. Although we often talk about how to be better parents to our children, we don't always talk about how to be better children to our parents. Maybe some of these women's stories will teach you how you can be a better child. And maybe others will just let you know that your own experience with your mom is valid and it's OK to have regrets. Perhaps May 14 is a good day to start rectifying them.

1Kitty, 33

2Billie, 62

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3Sharlrita, 34

4Jen, 35

5Cameron, 32


6Carol, 67

7Sarah Lin, 69

8Alaina, 35


9Kateri, 36

10Anna, 28


11Anetra, 40

12Jenny, 43

13Abigail, 26

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14Fallon, 34

15Fabianna Marie, 39

As these show, a wide range of regrets are normal, and it's OK to have them. But we also shouldn't beat ourselves up over them. The version of mother-daughter relationships depicted in sitcoms and greeting cards isn't always realistic. The reality is that they're complicated and messy — but often worthwhile anyway.