These ‘Christmas Prince 2’ Quotes Will Remind You How Beautifully Ridiculous Aldovia Is

Courtesy of Netflix

Those timeless lyrics, "it's the most wonderful time of year," barely meant anything before Netflix came out with the greatest Christmas series of all time. Ever since the streaming service released the first Christmas Prince movie in November of 2017, the countdown for the sequel has been on, and the day has finally come. On Nov. 30, Netflix released A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and it's filled with hilarious lines — just like the first movie is.

Part of what made the first A Christmas Prince such a huge hit was the fact that it has such a totally unrealistic plot. It's the perfect cheesy Hallmark-style Christmas movie in that you have to put your critical mind aside for a little while to enjoy it. And sometimes, that's what you want to do. Along with the fantastical story of a young blogger accidentally falling in love with the prince of a fictional country, came a lot of funny quotes. Remember when a co-worker tells Amber (Rose McIver), "Where there's a tiara, there's dirt. Trust me."? Like that.

The new follow-up movie follows the pre-wedding drama leading up to Amber and Prince Richard's (Ben Lamb) ceremony, and has even more twists and turns than the first one. Along with that, it has plenty of memorable lines you'll be quoting until next Christmas:


"Do You Put The Stockings On The Tree, Or Do You Put Them On The Chimney?" "On The Chimney."

This is actually a background exchange, and you have to listen closely to hear Amber's dad, Rudy (John Guerrasio) ask Emily (Honor Kneafsey) the silly question. Usually, those background conversations just sound like muffled mumbles, but in this case you can make out the line — which was likely improvised, to fill silence.


"Then Why Do I Hear The Dulcet Tones Of A Glockenspiel?"

Two uncommonly used words, "dulcet" and "glockenspiel," make this sentence particularly unwieldy and pretty hilarious.


"One Day She Was Captured By A Big Hairy Ogre Named Grundle" "Like Shrek!" "Nothing Like Shrek."

This exchange was definitely intended to be funny, and it's one of the many times A Christmas Prince 2 will make you chuckle.


"You're From New York?" "Queens." "Niiiiice."

Towards the end of the film, during the wedding reception, Melissa (Tahirah Sharif) and Simon (Theo Devaney) share this exchange, which is perfectly awkward and fun.


"A King's Duties Never Cease"

Since royals are royals, they wouldn't just say "a king's duties never end" — that would be far too pedestrian.


"Did You Censor My Blog?"

This line may sound silly, but it'll also give you serious Meghan Markle vibes.


"May You Be Blessed With The Happiest Of Christmases, Love The Frosts"

Of course there is a family with a cutesy seasonal name is sending a Christmas card to the royal family of Aldovia.


"I Didn't Realize That Becoming Part Of The Royal Family Meant Having To Give Up Who I Am"

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This line is really funny because it calls out the main conflict of the movie. Sometimes, you've just gotta state the plot out loud.


"Watch The Smiles. This Image, It Has To Exude Solemnity And Control."

This is totally a normal thing that a normal person would say, right?


"Excuse Andy, This Is His First Royal Wedding."

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Amber's friend Melissa delivers this genuinely hilarious line in explaining their friend Andy's (Joel McVeagh) commoner behavior.


"It Looks More Like A Tetrahedron Than A Cone."

The entire conversation over how to find the best-shaped Christmas tree is comedic gold, but this line especially will have viewers in stitches.


"It's Like I Always Say — Can't Let The Naysayers Bring You Down."

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It's a family-friendly movie, so Rudy can't say what he actually means.


"I Never Get To Meet Dignitaries At The Noodle Chalet."

Again, Andy proves to be an MVP. His whole backstory of working as a security guard at a place called the "Noodle Chalet" is typical and ridiculous.


"I've Been Living At Home With My Parents For The Last Three Months Since Now Beat Shut Down." "Now Beat? It's Beat Now."

Perhaps the funniest exchange of all happens when Amber video chats with Melissa and Andy and Melissa accidentally calls the magazine which they'd formerly worked at — you know, the one from the first A Christmas Prince — "Now Beat." Amber corrects her, and it's a well-timed throwback to one of the sillier elements of the original movie.


"You're Not Exactly Mr. Robot Are You? More Like Mr. Slow-Bot"

Simon has the 'punniest' line of all, and honestly, we wouldn't have minded a few more dad jokes coming from him.


"Put An Alert Out! Ms. Moore Is Missing"

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Sahil is flawlessly dramatic in his delivery, but it would have been even funnier if he'd said the words "Alert" and "Amber" together.

If you didn't catch all of these lines for their comedic glory, it's definitely worth going back to Netflix's second Aldovian adventure for another viewing (Or a fifth. Or sixth.)