16 Last-Minute Secret Santa Gifts That Will Stay Under The Price Limit

You want to know one of the best parts of the holidays? Not Secret Santa parties. There's nothing exciting about being randomly assigned a person to buy a gift for and watching as they pretend to love what you bought them — that is, of course, unless you grab them one of these last-minute Secret Santa 2017 gifts that people will actually enjoy opening up. It won't even matter that you can't stand Carol from the front desk and would rather give literally anyone else a gift.

We don't know for sure the origin of Secret Santa parties. It's a common western tradition where, instead of buying everyone a present (like all of your coworkers), you draw a name from a hat and pick one person to anonymously buy a gift for, typically within a certain price range. This means you spend less and, importantly, stress less, unless the person you're shopping for is a complete you-know-what. (I'm talking about you, Carol from the front desk.) The tradition of Secret Santa may have been influenced by Larry Dean Stewart, a philanthropist who used to do random acts of kindness for others — a behavior that was eventually coined, "Secret Santa."

If you're partaking in any Secret Santa festivities this year, here are some ideas to inspire you, all under $30.

Starbucks Rose Gold Cups

Pink Sequins Plastic Cold Cup, $19, Starbucks

If you haven't yet spotted these on the shelves of your local Starbucks, it's probably because everybody and their grandmother wants to get their hands on one. Sbux just recently started selling new pink cups and they're perfect if your giftee is feeling a little #extra these days.

Paint By Sticker

Paint By Sticker, $15, Shopbob

Ever heard of paint by numbers? This is paint by sticker. Drawings of some of the most iconic performers — including Elvis, Cher, Prince, and Michael Jackson — are broken down into tiny parts that correspond to certain colors of stickers. It's an art project for grown-ups!

Rosé-Flavored Gummy Bears

Rosé All Day Bears, $20, Sugarfina

Rose is all the rage these days, so any giftee is sure to like these Rosé All Day Bears from Sugarfina. You can buy a large cube online for just $20 a pop; and get this: they're infused with real rosé. Heck yeah GOING TO GET TIPSY AT WORK. I mean, uh, please eat responsibly.

Lip pHetish Color Converting Lipstick

Lip pHetish, $18, Flirt Cosmetics

Adults can't wear mood rings. Naw, that'd be silly. But mood lipstick is another story; and that's what Lip pHetish is. It comes in three semi-sheer colors that react to your pH level and change colors. Plus, it's got vitamin E, sunflower, and rosemary, so your giftee's lips will be soft like a baby's butt.

Kinder Eggs

Kinder Joy, $1, Various Retailers

Did you hear that Kinder eggs arrived in the U.S.? No longer can the FDA stop us from living out our childhood dreams, because the Kinder Joy separates the candy and the toy — choking hazards, be gone!

Morning, Noon And Night Coffee

Morning, Noon and Night Coffee, $12 each, Uncommon Goods

These folks know that one size does not fit all. That's why they've come up with Groggy Morning Grogg, One Eye Open, and Night Owl Decaf — three different kinds of coffee for three times of day and three distinct moods. With this gift, it's totally appropriate to drink coffee any time of day.

Zodiac Tea

Aquarius, $9, Adagio Teas

Tea for your zodiac sign? Yes please. Adagio Teas has one for each of the 12 signs; and aside from the flavor probably being amazing, the tins are cute as heck. Tea is a gift that everyone loves, and this kind adds a uniquely personal touch.

A Makeup Kit

L'Oreal Holiday Makeup Kit, $30, Ulta

Don't let this seemingly simple makeup kit fool you. Voluminous mascara is no joke, and if your giftee is a makeup lover, they'll truly appreciate these gorgeous hues.

A Beautiful Art Book

#girlgaze, $22, Amazon

#girlgaze shows how young women view the world, from the lens of a group of diverse photographers — a must-have for any feminist (in other words, everyone).

A Clear Backpack

Transparent Mini Backpack, $18, H&M

Hello, '90s! Clear backpacks were so in back in the day, but honestly, they never really went... out. Practical and stylish, this affordable find from H&M is perfect for your Secret Santa party.

An Inspirational Journal

Deconstructed Bound Lined Journal, $13, Barnes & Noble

This beautiful journal can be used for just about anything; but the motivating quote on the front is bound to help any giftee start their day on the right foot. Plus, it doesn't have regular binding, but instead a spine that lets it lay completely flat when you open it.

Literary Mini Soap Set

Arts and Baths Mini Soap Set in Literature, $15, Modcloth

If you're shopping for a real bibliophile, they'll love these adorable soaps that come in three memorable scents: Shakespeare's Bard of Soap, Jane Austen's Suds and Sensibility, and Lady Macbeth's Guest Hand Soap. What a fantastic way to get clean!

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Blanket

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Blanket, $25, FYE

There are no words to describe this, but if there were, they'd be, "OMGOMGOMGOMG." Winter is cold. We all need a new blanket. Your Secret Santa person will love this warm reminder of one of the most epic '90s movies, and you might consider buying one for yourself. Just a thought.

GoT Merchandise

Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica, $30, ThinkGeek

Winter is coming. Wait, no. Winter is here. And this season, gift your Secret Santa recipient with this fancy schmancy goblet that will make them feel like a character in Game of Thrones.

Bath Salts

Chakra Bath Salts Set, $22, Uncommon Goods

This shea butter salt set includes seven scents, including rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus. There's no better way to calm down after a long and challenging day.

A Motivational T-Shirt

Stay Humble Hustle Hard, $26, Etsy

If there's ever a reminder we all need each day, it's this one. No matter who the recipient is, this t-shirt will give anyone a gentle kick in the tush.