16 Movies & Shows To Stream If You Can't Get Enough Of Harry & Meghan's Royal Life

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The internet's been abuzz with every bit of news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, from early rumors of their relationship to denunciations against the racism towards Markle in the British tabloids, to, now, all the glorious details of the upcoming wedding. Still, for many fans of royal intrigue, even constant coverage isn't enough. If you've read every article and still want more, here are 16 movies and shows to watch royals fans should watch if you can't get enough of the famous couple.

For thousands of years before Hollywood even existed, the aristocracy were the main source of gossip and scandal around the globe. What they wore, who they were with, who was seeing who, who got married and why were all major news. Digging just a little bit into any royal court, there's enough salacious news and backstabbing to fill an entire season of a CW show. And much of it was documented, if not in legal documents, in poems, eddas, novels, and even unsubtle sausage-stuffing paintings. And now we have movies and TV shows, which mainly focus on European and American affairs from the last 500 years. They're in deference to and giving an idea of the royal history behind Harry and Meghan's comparatively sweet, adorable romance.

'The Royals'

The lives of this fictional English monarchy are turned upside down when the heir to the throne and "proper" brother dies, leaving his scandal-attracting siblings to pick up the pieces and put on a good public face.

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'Marie Antoinette'

Sofia Coppola's frothy portrayal of the famously doomed queen and her court gets at the heart of something history's weight usually obscures — these were teenagers in charge of a nation.

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'The Tudors'

Famed for his numerous ill-fated (well, for the ladies anyway) marriages, The Tudors follows the tumultuous reign of Henry IIIV at a time when the personal affairs of public figures were the politics of the day.

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'The Duchess'

Based on the life of 18th-century Dutchess of Devonshire Georgiana Cavendish, who was expected to produce a male heir but instead became wrapped up in politics, leading to scandal... sexy scandal.

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The show follows young Mary, Queen of Scots as she lives at French court, awaiting her marriage to a prince she was engaged to at age six, surrounded by jealous rival, enemies, and of course, sexy, sexy courtiers.

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'The Crown'

The reign of Queen Elizabeth II is dramatized one decade at a time in this TV series, starting with her marriage to Phillip. Currently on its third season and covering the tumultuous '60s and '70s, the upcoming fourth season will tackle Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana.

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'The Young Victoria'

Or if that's too modern for you, The Young Victoria watches the young heir apparent weave her way through political intrigue to make her way to the throne, working out her political and emotional relationship with consort Albert.

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'Diana' (2013)

Critics were overwhelmingly unimpressed by this take on the personal life of Princess Diana, but then again, isn't that appropriate for a movie about a woman picked apart by the media herself?

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'Anna Karenina'

This lavish production of the downfall of a young Russian aristocrat after her scandalous affair becomes known won an Oscar for its costumes, and rightly so.

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What America lacks in aristocracy, we make up for in nouveau riche scandal and gossip. Enter Dynasty, the sequined, oil money-soaked soap opera of wealth, power, and sexy, sexy results among the wealthy.

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'Cleopatra' (1973)

This historical epic featured royal drama onscreen and off, with Hollywood royalty Elizabeth Taylor grabbing headlines for her affairs and behavior... maybe it was just been extreme method acting.

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'A Royal Night Out'

As with Marie Antoinette, the historical weight and later portrayals of Queen Elizabeth usually forgets she was a teen. This film, taking place on the eve of V.E. Day, has the two royal sisters running loose among their people after sneaking away from their chaperones for some fun.

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'Dangerous Liaisons'

Don't let the powdered wigs fool you. The ur-tale of scandalous intrigue, this twisted tale of ex-lovers betting on who can seduce who while manipulating everyone in sight remains a template for every soap opera scandal to this day.

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'Pride And Prejudice' (1995)

Yes, that Mr. Darcy. There's many takes on Jane Austin's beloved comedy of relationships and marriage, but this version's remained a wide favorite for good reason.

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'A Royal Affair'

If you need a break from the English aristocracy, dip into this racy tale of the Danes. Married to an increasingly insane king, Queen Caroline falls for her physician, played by Mads Mikkelsen.

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And of course, if you want to see the princess-to-be before her royal day, the easiest way to do so is by watching the show that made her famous.

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This probably still won't satisfy the most hardcore of royal followers, the people who wold gladly bid on a slice of royal wedding cake or are already eagerly collecting pre-wedding memorabilia. They'll just have to wait until the actual royal wedding happens on May 19, 2018, to swoon over the glut of royal coverage. Until then, enjoy.