16 Oscar-Winning Movies On Netflix You Need To See

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When it comes to finding a movie to watch on Netflix, I feel like most people do one of two things. They'll either scope out whatever new releases the streaming site is offering (which these days includes the latest Disney hits, among others), or they'll check out Netflix's nostalgia-tinged flavor-of-the-month, as they also seem to scoop up a couple movies that were a big part of Millennials' childhoods (hey there, E.T. and Lilo & Stitch). But there are also a lot of Oscar-winning movies on Netflix that you need to stop overlooking.

The prestige pictures offered on Netflix are numerous, and they constitute much more than the movies you've probably had recommended your queue. Netflix has likely suggested you watch recent Oscar-winners like Spotlight and The Big Short, but there are plenty of other films that have taken home Oscar gold that you may have missed. These are older films, some of which you probably wouldn't even think twice about watching, but all of them are definitely worth checking out. If a movie didn't come out in the past few years, that doesn't mean it's obsolete. In many cases, that makes it a classic if it's able to still hold up. And all of the Oscar-winning films on Netflix listed below do just that.


'Sunset Boulevard'

Now considered one of the greatest films ever made, this 1950 classic picked up 11 Oscar nominations and won three: Best Writing, Best Art Direction, and Best Music.


'Three Coins In The Fountain'

This 1954 rom-com is perhaps best remembered for its titular theme song, for which it won an Oscar. It also picked up the award for Best Cinematography.


'Hello, Dolly!'

Nominated for seven Oscars, this Barbara Streisand musical wound up winning three: Best Art Direction, Best Score of a Musical Picture, and Best Sound Mixing.


'The Longest Day'

Nominated for five Academy Awards, this 1962 war epic won one for Best Cinematography and another for Best Special Effects.


'On Golden Pond'

This poignant 1981 drama earned 10 Oscar noms, and the Academy paid its respects to its legendary stars. Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda, both of whom were in their 70s at the time, won Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively. The film also won for Best Adapted Screenplay.


'To Kill A Mockingbird'

This 1962 film proved nearly as successful as the famous novel on which it was based, earning eight Oscar nominations and winning in the categories of Best Art Direction, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor for Gregory Peck.


'The African Queen'

Screen legend Humphrey Bogart won his only Best Actor Oscar in this 1951 adventure movie, the film's lone victory out of its four nominations.



This 1970 biopic about the titular WWII general was a massive critical success, winning seven of the ten Oscars for which it was nominated, including Best Picture. Star George C. Scott also won for Best Actor, but he infamously refused to accept on the grounds that he opposed acting competitions.


'Shakespeare In Love'

One of the most divisive Oscar-winners ever, this 1998 rom-com dominated the awards ceremony the year it was eligible, winning seven awards out of a whopping 13 nominations; with Best Picture being among its many victories.


'Working Girl'

This feel good 1988 dramedy was nominated for six Oscars but only won one for Best Original Song, thanks to Carly Simon's "Let the River Run."


'Schindler’s List'

Nominated for 12 awards, Steven Spielberg won his first Best Director Oscar for this powerful 1993 historical drama. The film also won another six awards, including Best Picture.



The film of 1995, this war epic earned ten nominations and won exactly half of them, including Best Picture.



This 2002 adaptation of the Broadway musical was up for twelve Oscars and won six, including, you guessed it, Best Picture.


'Good Will Hunting'

This 1997 drama earned noms in nine categories and famously won two: Best Supporting Actor for Robin Williams and Best Original Screenplay for fresh-faced BFFs Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.


'Million Dollar Baby'

This 2004 tear-jerker won four of the seven Oscars for which it was nominated, with Best Picture being the most coveted among them.



The most recent release on the list, coming out in 2011, this film is critically underrated by the general public — but not by the Academy. The movie earned 11 Oscar nominations and won five, including a well-deserved Best Visual Effects award.