17 '90s Kids Share What Most Defined The Era For Them

by Nia Decaille

Oh, the '90s! The good ole days when Saturday morning cartoons had amazing theme songs, when we saw the golden era of girl groups/boy bands, and DSL internet actually meant something. This was a time where Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell redefined what it meant to be a supermodel, when people actually bought music albums in stores, when our parents actually allowed us to shovel sugar and nitrates into our faces in the form of Dunkaroos and Lunchables, our VHS tapes collections were Netflix 1.0, and the first frontier of owning a pet were the cute little digital ones we clipped to our backpacks and always forgot to feed.

With those days behind us for all of the right reasons, you can't help but slip back into the revolving door of nostalgia every time a #TBT comes around or when the right person on Reddit is ready to indulge. This is also the reason that once a Reddit user posed the question "People who grew up in the '90s, what is the one thing that will always represent that era for you?", about 1800 people wanted to add their two cents in about the glory days. So just because you've added a new choker, mom jeans, and jelly slippers to your collection doesn't mean that there isn't more to want.

These were some of the top moments that will give you plenty of feels about your childhood and insist that growing up in the 90's made you special:

1. The sounds of the '90s ...

2. If you can finish these lyrics, you might just be a genius.

3. When children's entertainment was scarier than necessary.

4. Does this phrase ring any bells?

5. Admit it! We were all down for the slime.

6. The original #Team___ before it was a hashtag.

7. If you don't remember Milk Pens ... I feel sorry for you!

8. Feeling like a complete badass smoking ... candy cigarettes.

9. Because the teenage witch and vampire trend started somewhere.

10. Before the iPod/iPhone ... there was the Walkman!

11. '90s cartoons are the undefeated.

Gen-Z, you don't know cartoons! You just don't.

12. Puberty should definitely smell a lot like Teen Spirit.

13. Hits that became karaoke hits and never really went away.

14. You weren't cool in school unless you had a Lisa Frank folder or backpack.

15. Chances are your older sibling had both and made you insanely jealous.

16. If you had a side kick phone you were also super cool.

(CC: The era of the chatroom before we discovered online predators.)

17. You maybe didn't know the name of the band, but you tried to decipher the lyrics.

Some of these are just the tip of the iceberg! Born during the tech/internet boom, '90s kids were basically the guinea pigs for handheld devices and all of the lovely cult-fan pieces of tech we know and love today. So today, when you log on to an internet that is dial-up free, thank a '90s kid for their patience.