17 Flirty Noah Centineo Tweets That Would Make Peter Kavinsky Proud

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Noah Centineo/Twitter

Ever since To All The Boys I've Loved Before dropped on Netflix, fans haven't been able get enough of the cast, but especially Noah Centineo. His portrayal of Peter Kavinsky has stolen the hearts of many, but even more so, Noah Centineo's flirty tweets are rocking fans' world. One wouldn't think flirting on Twitter could be that successful, but Centineo has a way with words that will make anyone have a rush of feelings.

If you don't follow the 22-year-old on social media, you should. Seriously, go follow him right now. Centineo pretty much tweets on a daily basis and many of his posts are about love, sex, dating, or a gorgeous woman he happened to spot somewhere at some moment in time.

Based on his flirtatious tweets, it also shows how comfortable Centineo is with himself, not to mention his love of women and relationships. He isn't ashamed to say what he's feeling. He isn't afraid to come forward with his true thoughts. It's always refreshing to see a guy be vulnerable (looking at you Peter Kavinsky) with his emotions, and well, Centineo does exactly that.

He's already proven on multiple occasions that he is Peter in real life. For example, did you know the TATBILB scene where Peter moves the popcorn wasn't scripted? A fan tweeted about Peter and Kitty's pillow fight, "Peter is the one because he moves the popcorn before the pillow fight gets too rowdy."

Per Netflix's See What's Next Twitter account, "'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Fun Fact: It wasn’t scripted for Peter to move the popcorn — @noahcent improvised that in the moment!" So, yeah, both Peter and Centineo are good men, who also try to prevent popcorn messes during a pillow fight.

Even his costar Lana Condor has recognized Centineo's growing popularity. She told People in August, "The world loves Noah! Noah is the world's communal boyfriend. Everyone is just obsessed with him." She continued, "I’m just so happy for him and his success and how huge he’s becoming, he really deserves it."

And if that's not enough, as of Aug. 30, Centineo's Twitter bio reads: "Dear Reader, I love you." Yeah, well, all your fans love you too, Noah. The following flirty tweets are part of the reason why he's become so famous.

1Cryptic, Yet To The Point

Whoever he's thinking about should consider themselves very lucky.

2A Love Expert

This sounds like something that could be from TATBILB.

3So Many Feels


4He Is Legit

He could seriously write love songs.

5Let Him Love You

Who wants this job?

6Always On His Mind

He can't stop thinking about someone in particular.

7Let's Talk Making Out

To answer his question: yep.

8He's Waiting

OK, one second, please.

9He Needs To Put Out An APB

Who is this girl? Did she ever contact him? Does she even know he's talking about her? This mystery needs to be solved.

10He's The Best Kind Of Rom-Com Hero

Raise your hand if you totally just swooned, yeah, same.

11Fanatsizing About A Stranger

It happens.

12Sometimes He Faints

She must have some kind of affect over him.

13Totally Distracted

He can't get someone out of his head.

14There's No Such Thing As Coincidences

He has no shame.

15He Has Totally Made A Mixtape

16A Love Poem

Is this real life?

17A Possible Pick-Up Line

And it absolutely works coming from him.

If you're lacking flirting in your life, just visit Cenitneo's Twitter and he will make you feel so much better.