17 Funny Secret Santa Gifts For Co-Workers That You’ll Want For Yourself Too

If you work in an office, then you'll likely be doing a Secret Santa gift exchange. And, if your workplace is just like Dunder-Mifflin on The Office, then you're definitely going to want to check out these funny Secret Santa 2017 gifts for co-workers. One thing that can make getting through the work day easier is having fun and playful co-workers who will appreciate humorous Secret Santa gifts. And, because the holidays can be a stressful time at work, helping your co-workers find the funny is a great way to lighten the holiday pressure and to let them know that they're not alone.

One thing you can likely count on at work during the holidays is lots and lots of food. In many workplaces, different departments host their own in-office holiday parties where people bring in tons of cookie and casseroles and share them with everyone. At a previous job we had a canoe coffee table that was designated just for sharing food.

If someone had treats to share they sent an email saying, "Food on the canoe!" If you draw a co-worker in the Secret Santa 2017 gift exchange, there are even fun foodie gifts to enhance their in-office snacking enjoyment. Ready to put on your elf hat to make your co-worker's holiday merry and bright? Check out these funny gifts for co-workers for Secret Santa 2017.


"I Survived Another Meeting that Should Have Been an Email" Coffee Mug

"I Survived Another Meeting that Should Have Been an Email" Coffee Mug, from $11, Etsy

Everyone who works in an office knows that they could get much more work done if it weren't for pointless meetings that could have been done via email. Let your co-worker know that you understand their struggle for Secret Santa 2017 with this clever coffee mug. Because, coffee is key to getting through the holidays at work.


"Enjoy" Your Job Breath Spray

'Enjoy' Your Job Breath Spray, $6, Blue Q

Someone got this for me once at a previous job, and I laughed out loud. If your co-worker is struggling with issues at work during the holidays, give them this funny gag gift for your office Secret Santa 2017 gift exchange.


"Hangry" Lunch-Bag Tote

'Hangry' Lunch-Bag Tote, $10, Blue Q

If you drew a co-worker in the work Secret Santa 2017 gift exchange who gets hangry if they have to work through lunch, then this funny hangry lunch tote is perfect.


Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Does your Secret Santa 2017 co-worker travel a lot, or just like to nap? This neck pillow that looks like a scarf is perfect for long-haul flights. But, the best part is that because it looks like a scarf it's also ideal for taking an upright nap at your desk without it being totally obvious that your sleeping.


Box Of Jokes

Box Of Jokes, $16, Land Of Nod By Crate&Barrel

Draw the workplace prankster for the Secret Santa 2017 gift exchange? This box of jokes for every occasion will keep your merry prankster busy all through the holidays.


Puppy Breath Candle

Puppy Breath Candle, $20, Yank Me Candle on Etsy

Almost everyone agrees that there is no sweeter smell than puppy breath. If you don't know what to get your co-worker for Secret Santa 2017, this puppy breath soy candle is cute, funny, and it smells great, which makes it a triple win.


Decision Paperweight

Decision Paperweight, $18, Uncommon Goods

Office culture is definitely its own unique world. Help your co-worker take the guess work out of making decisions by getting them this hilarious decision-making paperweight for Secret Santa 2017.


Complaint Sticky Notes

Complaint Sticky Notes, $5, Amazon

If work has become comically stressful as you head into the holidays, give your co-worker these funny sticky notes for your Secret Santa 2017 gift exchange so they can file complaints without saying a word. Sense of humor not included.


"Nope" Office Desk Nameplate

'Nope' Office Desk Nameplate, $15, Lasercrafting on Etsy

With end-of-year deadlines piling up and everyone scrambling to take time off, the holidays at work can be a super busy time. Save your co-worker the trouble of saying no with this nope nameplate for Secret Santa 2017.


Office Space Stapler

Red Office Space Stapler, $25, Faith and Jack Designs on Etsy

Office Space is one of the funniest movies about working in a corporate environment, and no desk is complete without Milton's red stapler. Give your co-worker this funny Office Space throwback for Secret Santa 2017, especially if you stole their stapler in the first place.


'Office Space' TPS Reports Coffee Mug

Office Space TPS Reports Coffee Mug, $16, OniTees on Zazzle

Second only to the stapler, TPS reports are legendary for anyone who works in an office and can't stop watching Office Space. If you work in the kind of place where 10 people ask you for the same thing eleventy million times a day, then your co-worker will appreciate this TPS reports coffee mug for Secret Santa 2017.


"I Don't Like Talking About My Flair" Button

'I Don't Like Talking About My Flair' Button, $4, Kiran Creations on Zazzle

If you work in a restaurant then you definitely know all about flair. Made popular in the movie Office Space (this is the last Office Space gift, I promise), the demand that servers wear flair has been mocked mercilessly in pop culture. Get your fellow server this flair button for Secret Santa 2017, because obviously there's no such thing as too much flair.


Fake-Out Kale Chips Bag

Christmas Cookie Kale Chips Bag, $5, Fashion Meme on Etsy

If you drew someone for Secret Santa 2017 that appreciates a good gag, then they'll love this bag of kale chips — once they realize that it's actually filled with cookies. Take this bag and fill it with your co-worker's favorite cookies so they'll be relived AF once they find out it's not actually a bag of kale chips.


Toe Tunes

Toe Tunes, $10, Gagets Go

Make your co-worker think you got them a pair of dancing shoes with this prank gift. And, since the box is empty inside, and they'll surely be sad that you didn't actually get the speaker slipper for Secret Santa 2017, tuck an iTunes gift card inside to soften the blow.


The Daily Mood Flipchart

The Daily Mood Flipchart, 8, Perpetual Kid

Give your co-worker the luxury of communicating their mood without saying a word with this funny moody flipchart for Secret Santa 2017. With almost 50 moods to choose from there's one for every occasion.


Grumpy Notebook Set

Grumpy Notebook Set, $8, Perpetual Kid

If you work in an office, your co-worker likely needs notebooks anyway. Set up their grumpy supplies for the year with this clever set of grumpy notebooks for Secret Santa 2017.


Zombie Alert Button

Zombie Alert Button, $13,

If you drew a co-worker who is a The Walking Dead fan for Secret Santa 2017, then this zombie alert button is mandatory. It's also perfect for Mondays when most people can be mistaken for zombies. Either way, you can't lose.