17 Genuinely Funny Moments On 'Game Of Thrones' Because Yes, They Do Exist

Helen Sloan/HBO

The Red Wedding. Ned Stark's beheading. The Battle of the Bastards. Thanks to these brutal moments, no one would mistake Game Of Thrones for a comedy, that's for sure. But that doesn't mean it's always so serious. In fact, take a closer look at the past seven seasons of the HBO series and it's clear Game Of Thrones has some genuinely funny moments that will leave you laughing. At least for a little while, you know, before they're killing off another one of your favorite characters.

Now, to be honest, one has to dig a little deep to find the funnier moments the Seven Kingdoms has to offer, but after they are unearthed it's hard to deny just how entertaining they can be. Whether it's Lady Olenna's entrance, Tormund's awful attempts at flirting, or Tyrion's Seinfeld-ian take on musical chairs, these rare chuckles are the perfect palate cleanser for all the fire and fury that happens on the show.

This upcoming final season, which is slated to premiere next year, will likely be as funny as the previous seasons, which is to say, not very funny at all. HBO has already teased that basically everyone you love on Game Of Thrones is going to die. So for now, let GoT help you LOL before it gets too hard to do anything but cry.


Lady Olenna's Grand Stinkin' Entrance

The first time audiences saw Olenna in Season 5, she had some thoughts on King's Landing. And, as one might guess, those thoughts weren't too kind, but they were very funny. When she opened the window of her carriage she got a whiff of her surroundings. "You can smell the sh*t from five miles away," she said disgustedly. Let's also guess what she detextied might have been the bull that those Lannisters were about to throw her way.


Walder Frey's Family Introductions

With eight wives, 22 sons, seven daughters, not to mention all the other bastard children he probably has running around, you can't blame Walder Frey for forgetting a few names. "My granddaughter... Waltha? Walra? Waldina," Frey questioned when introducing his brood to Robb Stark. "I'm Mary," she says, only to have him throw off a perfectly timed, "Fine."


Edmure Needed A Bigger Boat

That might have been the only solution for Catelyn's younger brother who couldn't hit his target. Watching him shoot and miss and then miss again when trying to light his father's funeral pyre is pure comedy. What's even funnier though is when his uncle Brynden managed to hit the boat on his first try without even looking. Let's assume it's not just beginners luck.


Cersei & Ser Loras Tyrell's Doomed Engagement

Cersei wasn't interested in marrying Ser Loras and she made that very clear to everyone, including her potential fiancé. When he tried to have a moment with her, she very quickly, and hilariously, shut him down. "No one cares what your father once told you," she told him without even bothering to look him in the eye. Oh, what a couple these two could have been.


Renley Goes HAM For Stannis

Amidst salt and smoke Stannis Baratheon was born, according to Melisandre. But, that description only led his brother Renley to think of his stomach. "Is he a ham?" he asked. That joke is enough to send each one of the piggies crying all the way home.


Margaery Throws Shade

No surprise, Margaery exceeded at shading her mother-in-law Cersei. "I wish we had some wine for you," Margaery told her when Cersei came to see her midday. "It's a bit early in the day for us." Let's raise our glass to that burn.


Stannis Baratheon Gets Grammar

Unlike other grammar sticklers, Stannis Baratheon is the kind of man that will quietly correct you under his breath when you mix up "less" with "fewer." Now if only he had the good sense not to burn his daughter at the stake, then we'd hate him less.


Samwell Tarly's Potty Humor

If you can make it through the Season 7 scene of Sam cleaning up the chamber pots and scooping food that, let's be honest, looked a lot like the contents of said pots, without gagging, you'll likely get a good giggle. A juvenile one, sure, but fans will take what they can get with this show.


Euron Greyjoy's One-Armed Jokes

Give Euron Greyjoy a hand for his Season 7 joke about Jaime Lannister's well, lack of one. When trying to woo Cersei he made sure to crack wise about having "two good hands," unlike Jaime. That joke gets him one good chuckle.


Tyrion's "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" Motto

Tyrion Lannister knows many things, but it's his one-liner explaining why someone should believe him that deserves a good laugh. Not to mention a line of coffee mugs and T-shirts with his words printed on them. "That's what I do," he said. "I drink and I know things."


How Bronn Became A Knight

It's very simple. "Killed the right people, I suppose," he tells Oberyn Martell.


The Man Bun Burn

Like so many, The Hound is not a fan of the man bun. Specifically, he hated Thoros of Myr's bun, which he claimed was just hiding a bald spot. "You think you're fooling anyone with that top knot?" The Hound asked him, breaking the hearts of men everywhere.


Tormund, The Ladies Man

Unfortunately for Tormund, one particular lady, Brienne of Tarth, doesn't seem to be interested in his not-so-smooth style. In Season 7, Brienne made it very clear that she was less than impressed by Tormund's brand of flirting, but audiences sure got a kick out of it.


Maester Of Flatulance

When Maester Pycelle takes a good look at an undead Mountain in Season 6 he lets out an audible squeak to show just how scared of him he is. Let's be honest, the old man probably needed a new pair of pants after this encounter. What's clear though is that even in King's Landing, farts are always funny.


Give Bronn A Hand

Be careful Bronn doesn't steal your hand. After all, that's exactly what he did to beat Jaime Lannister in a Season 6 fight, putting him in his place and also giving him a pretty good welt.


Daenerys' Epic Introduction vs. Jon Snow's Not So Epic One

It's hard not to laugh as Missandei delivers all eight — yes, eight — titles for Dany as she meets Jon Snow for the first time in Season 6. But even funnier may be Ser Davos not even trying to talk up Jon Snow, stating simply, "He's King of the North." Yep, he sure is.


Tyrion, The Comedian

While trying to stall his trial so he doesn't get thrown down the Moon Door, Tyrion decidds to share an interesting tidbit from his younger days. "I once brought a jack*ss and a honeycomb into a brothel," he says only to be stopped by Lysa Arryn. But her son, Robin, still had a few questions. "What happened next?" the young boy asked.

Let's hope Tyrion survives long enough to finally finish this joke in the final season. Or, at least, that he is able to give fans a few more laughs before Game of Thrones comes to an end.